Saturday, August 16, 2014

Motor Madness

Detroit's going to be having its own bondage/kink-focused event weekend.  September 26th through the 28th, 2014.

This is going to be the 6th time that they've had this.  I'm very surprised that I didn't know about it.  I'd be willing to bet that it's probably fantastic (there's a strong fetish/leather community up there and there will, inevitably, be people coming from all over the Midwest, Canada, etc. to go to this).

I want to go, that's for damn sure.

The website for the Exotica Detroit Fetish Weekend is right HERE.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Short Spank: Gradually

There's no rush.

It's not a race.

If you're Dominating someone, work them up to the point where they can handle more intense scenes.  Even if it takes a while (3 scenes, 8 scenes, a year or so of embracing the submissive sides of themselves, whatever is necessary--everyone is different).  Working people up gradually is the way to do things in my opinion and, also, acknowledging that everyone has their own specific limits (which they all do, let's face it).

Doling out punishments incrementally means there's less likelihood that anyone will get turned off or freaked-out (too freaked-out, that is) and that they'll feel more comfortable--and empowered--diving deeper into their BDSM journeys.  Especially for people who may be new (or new-ish) to BDSM.

Take your time.  It's best for the submissive and it's best for the Dominant too.  Starting things off with too much intensity is typically not a great idea......despite the fantasies of some submissives.  Sometimes their imaginations are bigger than their stomachs.

If you're working up towards some good bondage and punishment, feel free to make the climb itself part of the experience.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

a conference that people could actually look forward to

There will be a Master/slave conference--aimed at those in the lifestyle--taking place in Washington D.C.this upcoming Labor Day weekend (August 28th through September 1st).  

Visit their site, learn about it, and register right HERE.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wear It Out

The Sofo Tap bar in Chicago has a monthly Gear Night.

All that good-looking (and expensive...) fetishwear that you invested in?  It would be a real shame if you didn't use every leather-night opportunity that presented itself to get out there and gear'd up.  It's pretty much your civil duty, damn it.

The Sofo Tap website is right HERE.  Visit the site, check out the calendar, and make your plans.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Short Spank: Uncommon Knowledge

No one really ever mentions this, but.....

You know what's a really good workout?  A nice, fun way to exercise?  

Answer:  a prolonged, extensive BDSM session

No joke.

Lots of impact and some roleplay, bondage, gear/slave positioning this way and that way....

Some S&M sessions can truly put you through your paces, especially for the Dominant.  Typically you submissives do the enduring while we Masters and Mistresses do the work (I'm referring to heavy spanking and flogging kinds of sessions, specifically in this case).  The submissives sweat it out in their own ways but The Ones Calling The Shots take on their own physical workloads too.

Sessions that involve heavy punishments can be invigorating for all involved parties.  Sometimes in unexpected (but practical!) ways.

If you're ever looking to change things up with your workout, consider grabbing a submissive and taking your aggression out on them.  Push-ups, crunches, weights, flog a slave for a while, some running......  The fitness experts say that you're supposed to create varied programs for yourself so there you go.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

decisions, decisions.....

Alright, so, as I'm whipping up concepts for the Summer 2014 Gallery (coming at you right here on this blog in August!), I'm trying to figure out where to actually shoot this next series of photos.....

Maybe at my dungeon?  But we've shot plenty of times at my dungeon--and that's fine of course--but maybe we'll go someplace different this time?  I don't know.

I was thinking that we'd do the Summer 2014 photos at some hotel or motel to give it a kind of anonymous, skanky encounter vibe but then I think that I'd rather save that idea for the Autumn 2014 Gallery instead.

Maybe I'll just transform my dungeon a little bit so that it looks different for this upcoming set, just to make the background visuals different from some of the previous photo sets?  Maybe that's the way to do it.....

Yeah, that's what I'll probably do.  I think.  Or I could change my mind.  I don't know.....

Now I know that some of you are thinking:  "Hey, Master Aiden, why don't you just find some old, abandoned factory/industrial setting and just go at it there?"

I know, I know.  People say that/write that to me all the time but that's much easier said than done.  BDSM photo locations can be a touchy subject (clearly....), people can get neurotic/flaky/freaked out, and most leather scenester people don't have access to a factory or whatever to let me in for the evening.  So, really, I'm kind of on my own in that regard and I've gotta figure out something before next month when it comes to locations.

BDSM can take place anywhere.  You know that.  So it's not as though I don't have options but, when it comes to the kind of shoot that I have planned for this summer, I've got to choose carefully.....

This upcoming shoot is not goth.  There are no girls, no castles, no vampires in Victorian masks.  So if we do anything outdoors (like we did partially last time), I can't pass it off as "artsy gothic photo shoot".  Not even close.

The Summer 2014 Gallery will be straightforward, traditional gay leather/fetish BDSM.

I don't have every single detail layed out just yet but I do know the following:

* the slave will be a man.  gimp mask (I already got a new one for this--it's really cool and unusual), shackles, studded underwear
* part of the central concept is that I'm a cruel, unorthodox "personal trainer/coach" type of Dom in the upcoming photos.  Preppy, sporty.  With a clipboard, a whistle, the whole nine yards (awesome!).
* the slave endures some unconventional "training" (as one does)
* there will be touches of traditional leatherman stuff and some sports/athletics.
* 70's ridiculous situation gay porn flavor ("It seems as though the delivery man is here.  I don't remember ordering any packages.....").
* I may or may not incorporate the beach during a few shots (obviously not the ones in which heavy bondage is taking place) but I'm not sure if that's too cheesy or not.  But it's not as though concerns of being too cheesy have ever stopped me before so....(maybe the beach, maybe not.  we'll see).

You guys will probably really love this next upcoming photo shoot.  I have a feeling that this one may be the best one that we've done so far when it comes to traditional gay leather themes/aesthetics (rather than freaky-deaky gothic, etc.).  As always, it's good to try new themes, images, concepts from what we've done in the past.

As for location (where this sadistic personal training scene will be taking place), that remains to be seen.  Maybe I'll force one of my slaves or non-scene friends to open up some unexpected, private location (I don't care if they feel freaked out; they'll survive) and we'll just do the shoot there.  I don't know.  I'll figure it out.

featuring Etienne

Domingo Stephen Orejudos--also known by his pseudonym, Etienne--continues to be an influential force throughout the gay art world.

What's more, he was a Chicago artist.  And a great one at that.

He was a dancer, a choreographer, an illustrator, and one of the founders of the annual International Mr. Leather event that takes place here in the Windy City.  Orejudos was a multi-talented mover and shaker who had a major impact on gay Chicago and forged an international artistic legacy.  He passed away from AIDS complications in 1991.

Read about him HERE at The Leather Hall of Fame online.

Etienne comes from that same "family" (thematically, stylistically) of artists that includes Tom of Finland and George Quaintance.  What I love about their works is that they're always fun and entertaining, they usually tell some kind of a story, and there's warmth and a sense of joy to the situations (even some of the rougher ones....) presented within their paintings and illustrations.

The Etienne works have a certain Midwestern grit and humor (and a strange kind of innocence) that makes them completely unique from anything else that came before or since.  To me, Orejudos' paintings and illustrations are definitely comic book-influenced but he has a go for broke, straightforward eroticism that takes the viewer to places where other illustrators (even the gay ones) would never feel comfortable going.  Much of his work is relentlessly, playfully, dirty and he seems to have no qualms whatsoever about breathing life into his graphic fantasies.  So what if some people would be shocked, offended?  Fuck 'em.

Etienne was a genuine badass and a uniquely talented visual artist and storyteller.  He continues to reign, like Tom of Finland, as an influential demigod over the leather and BDSM world.  The Etienne works are incredibly hot, inventive, sometimes hilarious, and always beautifully done.  The more you enjoy his various paintings and illustrations, the more you inevitably love him as an artist.

Check out the work of Etienne (and some photos and facts) right HERE.  There is also a book of his paintings and illustrations that can be bought on Amazon.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Have a safe and eventful 4th of July!


Master Aiden

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ambassadors to Canada

At the beginning of next month, Toronto is holding its Leather Pride.

August 3rd through the 10th.  An entire week dedicated to fetish activities and there's even an emphasis on play.  Wow, very nice.....

Without a doubt, the guys (and girls) will be hot, well-geared, cool to be around (Canadians), and the city will be fun to explore (I, personally, really like Toronto).

If you're looking for a kinky (and relaxed) summer getaway, I can't imagine a more perfect excuse.

Learn more about Toronto Leather Pride 2014 and check out their itinerary, etc. right HERE.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Yes, Master (entry 105): Dressed For Success

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

One of the best things about the kink community is that there are plenty of different insights, viewpoints, opinions on things.

As you know, people can get decked out when they go to dungeon parties and fetish events; even heading into their own bedrooms with only one other person.  Or they can get geared all by themselves just for the sake of feeling leather or rubber or lycra close to their skin--to put themselves in a certain frame-of-mind.  Dressing up on their own--just for their personal amusement--is a lot more common than you may think.  I know that there are a few of my slaves who enjoy dressing themselves up, even when I'm not there to order them into submission.  Some people just love getting into their fetish gear and it doesn't matter if there's anyone--slave or Master--around to join them or not.  Everyone thinks differently and has their own way of doing things, especially in their private moments.  Some of my slaves and friends have told me what they like doing when there's no one else around and they're in the mood.  A few of the kinkier ones have some extremely elaborate rituals that they put themselves through in order to get off.  We're talking serious self-bondage (be really careful with self-bondage, by the way), breathing tubes, testicle smooshers made of plexiglass, unique dildo situations involving menthol lubricants and/or coconut oil (that's the trend at the moment), etc., and so on.

Because I'm a pro Dom, people just tell me things--extremely intimate things about their personal lives.

They spill their guts to me as a matter of fact.  Sometimes I don't even ask about it.  They just go ahead and let me know, assuming that I'm some kind of alternative therapist (which is fine by me).

casual acquaintance:  "Hey, you're a pro Dom right?"

me:  "You got it."

casual acquaintance:  "My girlfriend likes to have this electric thing inserted inside her while I spank her every once in a while.  I like to wear cock rings but not the metal ones.  One time we had a 4-way with this other couple when we were drunk after a concert but they were kind of gross so we're never going to do that again.....".

This is how I spend my time when I go to parties.

No, not necessarily fetish parties; I mean regular ones, like when someone's roommate throws a get-together when they get a job promotion or something along those lines.

I learn all kind of things, even when I don't ask for it.  Yuppies love telling me all kinds of random intimate facts (especially at holiday events for some reason.....).

I'm all ears.  I never get sick of hearing uninitiated private stories; they never creep me out.  As I've mentioned before, I'm an information junkie and I'm always happy to hear anything and everything that people are willing to tell me.  I never get bored.  I'd rather listen than talk in most circumstances.

So what am I like in my private moments?

I like to clean, go on Buzzfeed, work out, listen to music (probably rock or electronic, most likely from Europe), and research stuff like Allen Ginsberg's life or those terra-cotta tomb warriors that were unearthed in China.  You get the idea.  Those are the kinds of things that make me happy when I have a few spare hours.

And, because I know that you want to know, when I masturbate, it takes no swag whatsoever.  Not even lotion.  Nothing.  Just my hand, my cock, and some imagination.  Easy, quick, nothing special or elaborate.  Nothing else required.  I'm a "cheap date" for myself so to speak--very Spartan.  Any of the extras--lubes, lotions, toys, rings, porn, whatever--is just icing on the cake for every so often.  To me, they're indulgences.  They're great and I enjoy them every once in a while as much as the next man--every man--but they're certainly not required.  Maybe it's because I'm young but, whatever the case, I'm not fancy at all when I'm by myself.  Maybe that makes me boring or, perhaps, just extremely easy to entertain.  When I enjoy more complicated, more engrossing, stimulations it's always when I'm with someone else.  Which, to me, makes me enjoy them more when they're happening.  They're more rare, more special, because I'm sharing those experiences with another person.

I confess that I only put on fetishwear when I'm doing BDSM sessions.  If you were to spy on me right now, you'd see that I'm wearing plaid boxers, a t-shirt, and bare feet.

All my lycra, leather, vinyl is saved for dungeon-time only when I'm with my slaves.  That's just how I do things.

"Then you're not a total fetishist, Master Aiden!" you may be thinking.

No, I'm not.  I'm just a regular guy who has a deep appreciation and love for the psychology and activity of BDSM and fetish.  Does all that stuff turn me on?  Well, yes, obviously.  But my fetish adventures happen when I'm with my slaves, not when I'm alone.

When the sessions happen, I thoroughly enjoy wearing those boots, jockstraps, cuffs, etc.  I spent enough $ on all that stuff so you can be sure that I want to put them to good use!  Now that I'm thinking about it, that may be why I save my gear for play-only times.  That stuff is expensive and I don't want my gear wearing down unnecessarily.  No matter how well you treat and clean your riveted codpieces, they can start to rust.  I accidentally soaked a studded belt for too long last night and I ruined it so, maybe, that's why I'm griping right now about how delicate gear can be.  I like my beautiful, expensive gear to last me a good, long time which is one of the reasons why, if I'm going to use my fetish pieces, it had better be for a good reason.  A couple of nights a week for Domming sessions?  Perfect.  5-7 nights a week just for the heck of it?  No.

I can't even imagine getting dressed up in fetishwear and not engaging in BDSM play.  But that's just me being me.

When I'm at IML or an event like that, I used to have a hard time understanding why the fuck all these guys were all geared up in their pricey leather or rubber suits and not being worshiped, worshiping someone else, being bound, being whipped, being tormented, torturing someone else, etc.  Or that they're not going off soon to participate in one of those scenes, to meet someone new, to actually engage in BDSM in some capacity.  Certainly they're preparing for some erotic adventure that's bound to happen......right?  If not, then why are they dressed up?  To me, that would be the perfect example of "All dressed up and nowhere to go".  What would be the point?

Why are they just standing there, staring at each other?  Why isn't anyone being paddled?  Where's the St. Andrew's Cross?  Is this it?

Luckily, I have some very opinionated friends and slaves who are willing to explain to me that, for a lot of kinksters, being dressed up in fetishwear is enough to keep them happy.  That's the final goal itself.  The feel, the smell, the aesthetic of being in their leather officer uniform, rubber suit, zentai, etc. is what makes them satisfied.  Actually doing an S&M or fetish scene with another person, for example, is beside the point for them.

For a lot of kinky folks, dressing up in fetishwear--and displaying that facet of themselves to the outside world--is the fulfillment of the fantasy.  No whips or ropes required.

Now I understand that and I'm not as judgemental.  This is why it's good to talk with other kinksters about fetish and S&M, private fantasies, philosophies, etc.

To me, people who just dress in fetishwear without actually playing reminds me of those people who buy gorgeous, expensive cars but they only have the cars sitting in climate-controlled, showy garages without ever actually taking the car out on the road.  You know what I mean?

But others would disagree with me on that.....and that's a good thing.  One of things that I love about the fetish community is that we can have different perspectives; there's not that shitty hive mentality.  We can see things differently, express ourselves differently.  This allows the community to achieve/maintain diversity and to thrive.

I remember being in school and hearing the teacher say:  "It's not the destination,'s the journey."  I also remember thinking:  "Fuck that shit.  If we're going to spend days driving through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia then we'd better end up at Disney World eventually or it's just a waste of time!  I don't care how many panoramas and quaint towns we drive through--that first car on Space Mountain better be fucking waiting for me when we get there."

I pretty much have the same attitude now about things.  ha    But to each their own.

If I'm in fetishwear, it means that I'm going to be beating someone's ass that night and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it.

That doesn't mean that you, necessarily, need to have an initiative if you really feel like strapping on your harness and leather shorts just for the heck of it.  I'm sure that the look and feel of your ass in those leather shorts will be satisfactory enough as is, whether or not it's going to be spanked that night.  As long as you're happy and turned on, whether it's with another kinkster or you're simply keeping yourself entertained for the evening, then that's all that matters.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

take PRIDE in your kinks

It's Gay Pride this upcoming weekend in Chicago and the Touche leather bar will be having a 70's-themed leather kink party on Friday and then a Gear Fetish night on Saturday.

Their website is right HERE.  Check it out, see what's what for the nights coming up.

And since it's Pride weekend, there will be plenty of people coming into the city from all over the place (not to mention all the Chitown residents who come out of the woodwork on Pride weekend because it's the time to go out and mingle) so you never know who you'll bump into.  Or more than bump into.  There will be a lot of eyes gazing at you--the place will be busy--so dress up in your gear (put some effort into it) and show off a bit.

If you need to switch up your rainbows to black leather for a while this Pride weekend, head over to Touche.

Have a safe and fun Pride, everybody!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yes, Master (entry 104): Photo Play

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

For my photo shoots, I try to do concept lists in advance and go with different scenes for each one.

By this point in the game, I think that I know my slaves/clients pretty well.  Although they're all completely different from one another, there are certain scenes that most share an interest in and, also, certain scenes that no one requests.  Generally, I avoid photographing scene concepts that I've never had requested.  I figure that if I haven't gotten some of the more niche within a niche within a niche requests, after almost a decade of pro Domming, then I'm not going to worry about including some of the super-obscure kinds of kink activities within a photo shoot.

But that could change as soon as someone requests it and we do it within an actual session.  I could change my mind, of course.

Could one of you surprise me with something incredibly strange?  Sure.  It could happen.  It probably will happen.  It's bound to, actually.  My slaves surprise me all the time with their likes, dislikes, and fantasies.  But even when they think that they're being weird, typically it just turns out to be relative run-of-the-mill bondage fantasy stuff.

Your dreams of being kidnapped and tied up by a street ruffian are, to me, not weird.  I've had that request plenty of times.  Nipple torture with clips and clamps?  A normal Wednesday for me.

What to you is strange/wild/oh-so-naughty is, to me, oftentimes enduring.

You think that your tennis shoe fetish is nasty and hardcore but I just think that it's funny that you feel guilty about it.

Because everyone has fetishes and, more often than not, you'd be surprised at how deep and dark some individuals can get.  "Light" BDSM, I think, should no longer be considered all that kinky.  It should just be a regular part of the adult life menu.  Like having sushi and going skiing.  Not something that you do every night or every week, necessarily, but something that you might consider doing every once in a while.

Skiing, sushi, a concert, a good flogging.  You know what I mean.

So you want to be spanked?  Big deal.  Lots of guys and girls do.  I'm starting to think that all guys and girls want to be bent over the armrest and paddled from time to time.

All the things that you've seen in my various photo galleries over the years are, more or less, scenes that I've actually done at some point.

Have I done costume play with certain submissives?  Yes.

Military-flavored scenes?  More than a few times.

Gunge?  Only twice in all these years but that still counts for something because, hey, we did it and because it's a pretty unusual kind of scene.

Boot service?  Of course.  Often.

A scene where I had to pretend that I was an evil cyborg?  Yep!

Medical scenes?  Shaving?  A lot.

Basic leather?  Whipping?  Ropes?  Shackles?  All the fucking time as you can imagine.

I have more photo shoots coming up.  There will be new scenes and photo concepts that we've never done before because I haven't gotten around to photographing them yet.  But we're getting to it!  Photo shoots take time, they're tiring, the lights are hot, they're kind of stressful (lots of gear and outfit changes, extension cords running across the floor (people tripping over them), props getting buried underneath other props, not a ton of space in certain places, color gels that aren't as resilient as they're supposed to be sometimes, etc.).  I can do a photo shoot that takes 4 hours to tackle but I don't want to do ones that take much longer than that.  So you do 2 or 3 different kinds of scenes (change clothes, rearrange the lights, rearrange the bondage, change the camera setup, change the camera setup again because the first time wasn't so great, change the camera setup another 1 or 2 times, shoot the camera, reposition everybody, shoot some more....) and, before you know it, a couple of hours has passed by.

It may look like we had fun making the photos but, truth be told, photo shoots really aren't that fun to do (not for me at least).  They're tedious, sometimes expensive, and usually a huge pain in the ass to get done.  But it's great when they turn out well.

I'd rather be doing a real BDSM scene than playing one out for a photo shoot.  Many times over.

But you may be thinking:  "Why don't you just have the photographer shoot you when you're doing one of your actual S&M sessions?"

Well, first of all, most of my clients are extremely private people and they'd never, in a million years, be photographed in their submissive states.  No, not even with a mask on.  The people who play the submissives in my photo shoots are very rarely people that are actually my slaves in real life.  They're typically Leather/BDSM scene people from Chicago that I've met and am friends with OR they're models that I hire strictly to portray the submissives.  They're cool with being photographed and it's considered a standard fetish photo shoot (no big deal).  The executive and lawyer-types that typically make up my client base would rather have their scrotums tortured (literally) than star in a fetish photo shoot with me which, of course, is understandable.  Some of them have told me that they sorta-kinda would like to play the submissive in one of my shoots--as long as they have a mask on!--but I've had them chicken out when it comes down to the day of.  A couple of my real slaves are absolutely featured in some of my photos (the rare ones that enjoy being in them) but, more often than not, you're seeing one of my friends in a gimp costume.  Is there typically a decent amount of laughing going on during the photo shoots?  Without a doubt.

Is the Master, the one in control, the guy holding the whip, the paddle, in the custom photography on this blog always me?

Yes, of course.  That goes without saying.

The one in the mirror with the jockstrap, that's me.  The "angel-face twinky-looking motherfucker" (thanks for that summary, KVW), yes, that's me (My friends and I are allowed to make fun of myself; you're not).  And, yes, of course that's me wearing the spiky mask and tapping into my inner Darth Vader in a few of them.  Yes, I'm always the Dom in the photographs.  Just clarifying.  It's only the submissives that change.

The fact is, you can't really do true scenes when there's lights shining at your face, cords all over the floor, and piles of props and backdrops just out of frame.  In order for me to have that Master mindset, I've gotta have at least a little bit of space and breathing room so that I can do my thing.

Finally, though, the vibe on photo shoots is very, very different than the vibe during actual bondage scenes.  B&D sessions are loose and fun but photo shoots are all about posing, positioning, and making sure that everybody is standing in the right spots in relation to the camera, etc.  Needless to say, I would rather avoid accidentally whacking the photographer (and/or the camera) with one of the longer whips while I'm going at it with a slave.  Like I said, sometimes we shoot in small spaces (my dungeon isn't a huge space, for example) and I've got to be careful with everyone.  When people are intentionally lashed, that's fine.  But, no, I don't want anybody getting struck with a riding crop on accident (that would be really rude).

For the S&M photos that we do, inspirations for gear, clothing, backdrops, scenes come from all over the place.  I like looking at comic books, primarily, to get ideas.  Because they're simple, graphic, direct, straightforward.  They get to the point.  I'm also really into vintage fetish photography--the cheesier and sleazier the better--because there's humor, color, and irony along with titillation.  When fetish or porn photography/videography takes itself too seriously, sometimes it's hard for me to take it completely seriously.  I like fun and strangeness when it comes to erotica.  I prefer there to be a few "What The Fuck?" moments.  At the same time, I also (as you can tell) really love gothic imagery and I take just as much inspiration from old paintings and illustrations (Caravaggio, Aubrey Beardsley, Edward Gorey) for my BDSM photo shoots as much as I do from what would probably be considered more predictable sources like Tom of Finland, 1970's gay fetish porn, contemporary leather fetish, etc.  Part of the reason is because I look like a skater or someone like that.  Whether I like it or not, I look like some young bro that spins obscure indie-electronic music or whatever on the weekends.  I grew up with a bunch of punks and goths and metalheads (many of them, at least the crowd that I ran with, were bisexual).  The "Will and Grace", "Queer As Folk" rainbow flag-waving, preppy gay scene was not considered edgy enough.  Not even close.  That affected how I viewed my sexuality and, more or less, that shaped how I viewed and continue to view expressions of eroticism.  "Typical" is okay for starters but is there anything else that we can grab at?  I fully realize that I don't look like what most people would imagine a BDSM Master to look like and, to a degree, that changes the style of how I present myself through images.  Sometimes I look like "preppy grad student dropping in for a night at the leather bar" in some of the photos but, you know, sometimes I want things to be darker and weirder, just for the hell of it.  We want to take the images to more unusual places even if that means getting dumb and pretentious (which, let's face it, is unavoidable sometimes--a little bit of dumb and pretentious won't kill ya).  There is a lot of "regular" leather and fetish imagery here but there are twists and turns as well.  Do I look towards Finland and Old Guard leathermen images before we do our shoots?  Well, yeah, of course.  You can bet on it.  However, I like to infuse that with other references and, luckily, I have a nice group of collaborators that are willing to work with me when it comes to creating images for my business.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Chance

So, maybe, you regret not getting some nice, new pieces of S&M gear at the recent IML or Shibaricon?

Well, now there's another chance for you to pick up a brand spankin' new flogger or another attachment for your violet wand.  Stroll around through different tables; look and see what may be new additions to your dungeon arsenal.

There will be a toy and gear vendor fair at the Holiday Inn Express in Arlington Heights, IL (Google it) on Saturday, 06-07-14 from 1pm through 4pm.

It's free to enter.  Vanilla casual dress code, adults only (clearly).

Short Spank: Don't Be (too) Cruel

You can be completely Dominant and cause pain/"torture"/torment and put submissives through their paces without being mean-spirited, alienating people, or traumatizing them.

Really, that's the best way to do things, 9.5 times out of 10.  Moderately and balanced.

Unless they're dedicated pain fetishists.  Then that's a different matter.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring 2014 Gallery

This series of photos tells a story.  

It's arranged like a storybook so sit down for a moment, take them all in.

(Yes, even the ones that don't feature BDSM play in them; they're still a part of the story, alright?  Alright.)

Madame W plays the submissive and helped with some of these concepts (thanks, Madame W, you are awesome!!).  I haven't worked with a female fetish model in a while so it was nice to change things up for a minute and create a more diverse range of S&M imagery.  98% of my slaves/clients are men but I know that this blog gets read by a fair number of ladies too so I'm happy to present different visual themes in general and I appreciated having fresh, new creative collaborators and ideas for this particular gallery. 

As always, I'm the Master/Dom/Gentleman in the photos (needless to say), Madame W is the damsel in distress, and our special guest star photographer is Dr. M. (who did a terrific job and is really, really funny).

We thought that there should be a semi-coherent narrative that happens--dark fairy tale style--so this is what we decided the story is......

Once upon a time....maybe it was a long time ago, maybe it was just last night.....a young woman lived in the lap of luxury with her rich, boring old husband (who, naturally, is 95-years-old, frighteningly wealthy, a prude on every imaginable level but may or may not be minor royalty).  Being the good, compliant girl that she was, she married him (her family pressured her into it).  To others, it seemed that she had everything (which might be true on a superficial level) but, deep down, the young wife longed for excitement.....

She remembered going to a dinner a few years ago in which she met a Gentleman (if you can call him a gentleman)--through a friend of a friend of a friend--who she found fascinating.  

She heard unsavory rumors about this Gentleman--that he was into forbidden things.  People said that he was a Master and a Dominant but a Master and Dominant of what, exactly?

Even though the wife only met the young man once, she thought about this Master from time to time.  Fantasized, pretended, and dreamed up bizarre scenarios that she often felt guilty thinking about.  What if.....

What if she served him?  What would he be like?  Where did he come from?  What if she were to run away with him, to give everything up?

One day, the friend of a friend of a friend gave the wife an invitation to go to a very unusual party, more as a joke than anything else.  The friend of a friend of a friend never expected the good wife to actually go but she wanted to tease her, just to see how she would react.

After receiving the invitation, the young wife went downtown.  

She bought clothes that she shouldn't buy and went into seedy shops where women of her status have no business going.

In the dark of night, in her lace mask and shiny black corset--while her husband was fast asleep in his bedroom--the young wife snuck off to the decadent party which was full of strangers and vulgar entertainment.

And there she met the Master again.  He felt that she was spying on him, so he scolded her severely.

"If you're going to look at me, be brave enough to approach me.  Bow down to me--don't hide!" ordered the Master.

At this party, the girl found.....excitement.

She was punished, she served, she dreamed, she experienced, she was bound.

Rules were broken, freedom was found.

The Cat and the Canary.  Poor Little Rich Girl.  Eve finds knowledge.  Fifty Shades of whatever color you like......Romance novel pulp trash.  Shameless, absurd, and totally fun.

Modern ideas with vintage ideas.

Yes, we looked at Edward Gorey cartoons, classic gay leather photos, old-school black-and-white fetish photos, silent movies, and corny romance books from the drug store as inspirations.  

Again, thanks to Madame W for modeling in these pictures alongside me and being co-director.  Thanks to Dr. M. for his behind-the-camera work.

All photos in this gallery were taken in May, 2014.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short Spank: Bullseye

One of the secret benefits of BDSM is being given a chance to practice your aim, especially with single-tail whips and belts.

We Masters and Mistresses have our eyes on certain sections of backs, of legs, of ass cheeks when whipping and flogging, working our ways along as punishments progress.

The more we do it, the better we get at it.

Practice makes perfect.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Short Spank: All Things To All People

Nowhere, in any literal or figurative BDSM handbook, does it say that any kinkster has to like or be interested (or pretend to like or pretend to be interested) in every bondage or fetishistic activity.

Just because you consider yourself a kinky person with S&M leanings, doesn't mean that you have to turn into a jack-of-all-trades or try to be all things to all people in order to retain your kink cred.  There's no need for it.

If something doesn't interest you, nor turn you on, nor make you curious about a particular fetish, there's nothing wrong with you.  It doesn't make you boring, it doesn't make you close-minded, it doesn't make you a wimp.  It simply means that you have personal tastes and opinions.  As you should.

Should you be willing to try new things?  Yes.  Will you surprise yourself at certain points when it comes to new likes?  You will.

But if something bores you, turns you off, gives you unappealing pain, or grosses you out--and you're sure of it--then politely skip it.  Don't insult anyone, don't whine, but it's your responsibility--whether you're a submissive, a Dominant, or a switch--to assert your likes and dislikes effectively so that your BDSM experiences are beneficial both for you and your partner(s).

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yes, Master (entry 103): Lock and Key

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

I was just having a conversation about this with someone a couple of days ago and I thought that now would be the perfect time to share this....

This isn't cool; this is an extremely nerdy way of doing things but, holy hell, it works.  This is a practical piece of BDSM advice......

What I do (because I favor locks, keys, shackles, and chains oftentimes when I place slaves in bondage) is I use color paint on a section of a bottom part of the locks along with a spot of the same paint on the flat "handle" of the key.

Use acrylic paint, buy some cheap nail polish from the drug store, whatever--something that will actually stick to metal.  (don't use labeling stickers because they will fall off.).  Paint a small blotch of color paint on the lock and other small blotches of the same paint on the corresponding keys, making sure to avoid paint on, in, near, or towards the inner mechanism (obviously).

The blue lock goes with the blue keys, the red lock goes with the red keys, the green lock goes with the green keys.....

Sometimes I'm using multiple locks and multiple keys on different devices and/or gear items simultaneously.  Dungeons tend to have lower light (of course) so color-coding your locks to their keys can save time and sidesteps awkward fumbling around when releasing the submissive.

"I thought that this set of keys opened up this lock....whoops....hold on a second, let me try out the other set....." [cold sweat]   You don't want this to happen.  Color coding your locks and keys helps to avoid this type of shit.

A lot of people would rather just use easy-release carabiners (and/or ropes of course), dropping locks and keys altogether.  I don't blame them.  But sometimes using the old-fashioned key locks is more fun and has a certain thrill factor to it, especially for the submissive.  And, every once in a while, you'll encounter a piece of gear that is shaped or designed in a way that doesn't accommodate carabiners so, instead, you have to use ropes or locks and keys.

Speaking of carabiners, a great way to account for the location of your all-important keys is by looping the ring through a carabiner and attaching the carabiner to your belt loop (if you're wearing something with a belt loop) OR attaching the key carabiner to a nearby gear bag, for example.  That way you'll be able to locate your keys easily and quickly.

If you're at a crowded dungeon party--and you're using these kinds of devices--be sure to always have the keys attached to you in some way but probably not through your nipple ring in case in snags on something or somebody accidentally bumps into you.  You know what I mean.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Short Spank: Best Foot Forward

The most common fetish, according to Spanish researchers, is a fetish for feet and, abstractly, that can be linked to fetishes for boots, shoes, socks, etc. (but fetishes for boots and leather--and socks--are entirely different beasts on their own but I digress for today.....).

Freud believed that feet were a substitute for the penis (because Freud is Freud--rarely is a cigar just a cigar) but George Bataille, according to Wikipedia, believed that the appeal of feet and footwear belonged in its own category; he "saw the allure of feet as being linked to their anatomical baseness"--in other words, feet (and boots, shoes, socks) are dirty, earthy, base, and degrading to worship because they're the parts of our bodies that are furthest down.  Closest to the dirt; closest to basic, universal filth.  The lowest of the low!  (literally)

So shame on you.

But, since foot and foot-related fetishes are so common, I guess that that means shame on a lot of you.  At least you're in good company.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lost In Translation

Google Translate is one of my favorite things about the internet.  I can read whatever blogs, periodicals, essays that I want (French!  German!  Portuguese!)--unique subjects explored by writers (who are new to me) with different perspectives.  I read American and British articles every day (sometimes I read British sites mainly to check out the readers' comments sections because they're always the best) but I'm trying more and more to expand my horizons outside US and British perspectives.  Sometimes the articles translate perfectly.  And, then, sometimes they don't.

I know that half (maybe more than half?) of the readers who visit my interesting blog are from countries outside the US and England.  I realize that much of Europe speaks English as well so, maybe, my blog doesn't need to be translated all the time for these particular visitors.  However.....

I have a tendency to break grammar rules and to go off the road a lot of the time when I do essays (especially the "Yes, Master" articles).  In my defense, this is a Millennial, internet-speak thing that a lot of bloggers (and an increasing number of print authors do it too nowadays!) engage in.  It's definitely not unique.  It's a sort of expressionistic, linguistic jazz that bloggers allow themselves because It's My Blog And I Can Do What I Want!.  You get it, you understand.  Lots of slang, lots of hyphens, colons, semicolons.  Sometimes I even make up terms because, hey, why not?

But I also understand that this can make things....a bit strange, a bit tilted....when, and especially when, blogs like mine are translated into other languages.  I realize that visitors from other countries click over here, read some of this, and think "What the fuck is this guy talking about?  Is he drunk?  How many parentheses can one person fit into an essay?  Why write like this?"  So I want to say My Apologies when, if you translate this blog into a language other than English, it all comes out a bit more weird and fucked-up than what it was meant to be (and it's always meant to be at least a little bit weird and fucked-up--this is a BDSM blog after all!  haha).

Not everything translates perfectly but, as long as you just get the jist (come to think of it, how does "jist" translate into non-English?) of what I mean--of what I'm getting at with the essays and whatnot--then that's the most important thing.  Thank you for reading, always.