Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Not-so-great news for BDSM event attendees.

Chicago's annual Shibaricon won't be taking place this year.  It was supposed to happen in January 2017 but that's been crossed out from what I understand.  Luckily for all of us, there are other amazing kink events for everyone to look forward to next year (International Mr. Leather is a prime example).

Shibaricon is (was?) a pansexual BDSM event which focuses (obviously) on shibari rope bondage but also embraces fetish in general and other forms of bondage and S&M play.  Because of the emphasis on intricate rope work, Shibaricon is known for being a slightly quiet, technical, and meditative experience compared to other dungeon play party environments (i.e. not as much wailing and paddle-smacks).

In the past, Shibaricon took place at the end of May, on Memorial Day weekend, at the same time (but different location) as the ever-growing, infamous IML but the organizers were intending to make Shibaricon weekend an annual beginning-of-the-year thing.

As I've discussed on here before, shibari rope bondage isn't my cup of tea (I'm more of a chains, straps, and shackles kind of guy because I'm too impatient for shibari) but I don't like seeing my fellow Chicago kinksters losing a big BDSM event.  The more BDSM events the merrier!  Hopefully one day Shibaricon will be back and better than ever.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Bat's In The Belfry

'Tis the season now because the tree on top of the fridge in my dungeon is all decked the fuck out with Christmas excitement.

I have the usual stuff that I like hooked up on there (aliens, tigers, vampires, tarantulas, characters in kinkwear, sharks, snakes, dragons, Divine, Sleeping Beauty as a tribute to the Anne Rice BDSM books, Santa's fetish boot, etc.) but the newest addition is the Abominable Snowman from "Rudolph".  I've always appreciated that part of the movie in general (because he's a spazz just like Animal from "The Muppets") but I really enjoy the fact that he's supposed to be holding up the Northern Star(?) but it seriously looks like he's going to clobber someone with it.

Nothing says Good Cheer like an aggressive yeti geared up to whop your ass.  Happy Holidays indeed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bonus Shots, November 2016

Now that BDSM is no longer deeply taboo, is it becoming a little too normal these days? 

And, if so, what's so terrible about that?

Very Special Thanks to Slave P (P as in patient) for being the submissive houseboy in these photos.

And because my usual suspect photographers weren't around that week, I had to use my tripod and camera timer the whole time and they did a beautiful job taking pictures so another Very Special Thanks to my camera and timer (Sony) and my tripod (Samsonite).

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Yes, Master (entry 143): Basic Anthropology

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on MasterAiden.blogspot.com.  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:  Master-Aiden@hotmail.com

As long as there have been people, people have been afraid of each other and for good reason.

Since the days of cave-dwelling, travelers and traders--leaving their respective communities--risked assault in the wilderness.  Those assaults most often came from (as you can probably guess) young and active men, whether those men were traveling in small groups, large groups, or aggressive individuals on their own.  Nothing changes.

Assaults could mean theft of goods/supplies/food/currencies, murder, kidnapping (whether for slaves or possible ransoms), or physical attack (to maim, to humiliate, to rape).  Women and men had to be constantly vigilant.  They still do.

Erotic attraction towards BDSM is nothing more than ancient curiosity and fantasy reflected by thousands of years of (unfortunately) very standard, common human interactions.  The old days, especially, were rough.

"What happens if I get attacked?"  "What happens if I get abducted?"  "What will they do to me?"  "What will I be forced to do to them?"

Etc. and so on.

Humans have centuries and centuries worth of experience when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Fear/attraction towards cruel male elders, father-figures, peers, siblings, soldiers, enemies, etc. is, naturally, as old as anything in the homosapien experience.

You know exactly what happened when one band of fighting-age men overpowered another.  There's no need to point it out because all of that has been happening forever.  And by "all of that", I'm referring to the spoken, unspoken, obvious, and assumed.  Guys can be mean to other guys.  Guys enjoy playing games with other guys.  Sometimes those games can feature unkind and/or taboo aspects.  Common notions of heterosexual and homosexual are irrelevant.  Toss them aside and don't bother attempting to untangle them.

And, on the other hand, I believe that those with submissive fantasies leaning towards Dominant women--Dominatrixes--are really tapping into typical ruminations concerning threatening mother-figures, mean sisters, vicious neighborhood girls, intimidating aunties, strict teachers, and the list goes on.  Even the earliest legends and fables are chock-full of wicked queens, vengeful goddesses, and warrior women who could easily turn the tables on falsely-assumed male hierarchies. 

Viewing BDSM, in all of its contexts, as something rare and bizarre is to ignore human social history at its most ancient and fundamental core. 

It's no wonder that people have fantasies about being tied up and undergoing an endless series of erotic challenges.  Of course they do.  It would be stranger (unthinkable, actually) to imagine that these impulses and fantasies would somehow evaporate from collective consciousness/subconsciousness.

It's worth considering consensual sadism/masochism as a "lemons-to-lemonade" response towards the darker corners of animal interactions.  Flipping fears and threats into pleasurable, playful scenarios--such as what we do in BDSM--is a coping mechanism and an avenue towards deeper understanding regarding our innate impulses, strengths, and limitations.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Incalls vs. Outcalls

You can come to my dungeon space in the Portage Park district of Chicago or I can come to your home (or lodging) in Chicago or the Metro Chicago area.

The Portage Park district of Chicago is located in the northwest area of the city, kind of between O'Hare Airport and Chicago's very famous Logan Square/Wicker Park section of town.  THIS will give you a general idea of where the Portage Park district is.

I'd say that my sessions are pretty much 50/50 between incall sessions and outcall sessions with my slaves.  I've been Domming for a while now and this has always been the case.  A lot of people want to come to my place and then the other half of them would rather have me come to them.

Either one is fine.  There is no tribute fee difference.

I've noticed that certain slaves--especially the new ones--overthink which one to choose, incall or outcall, but hemming and hawing over this is really unnecessary.

Some slaves want me to choose if their session with me is going to be incall or outcall.  I order you around when we're in session and in the same room--hey, that's my job!--but, when we're addressing travel comfort levels, traffic, time, etc., that's a decision that you need to make for yourself.

Pick which one works best for you and makes the most sense for you.

Things to consider......



- You don't have to go anywhere.  I come to you.

- You don't have to deal with traffic, taxi/Uber fees, directions, time guesstimations, and all the fun stuff those concerns bring along with them.

- Whether the weather is hot or freezing, you don't have to deal with it.

- I bring a discreet bag filled with bondage gear (whips, paddles, shackles, etc.) with me when I come to you.  Yes, S&M is just as good on the go and is easily transportable.

- BDSM in the comfort of your own home or hotel room which can be the right choice for some newbies especially.


- The spanking bench, bondage table--the big stuff-- is at my dungeon and not transportable.

- Certain kinds of bondage (large chains, heavy gear, etc.) are not practical or appropriate for many spaces, being best left for places dedicated/equipped for fulltime BDSM purposes.



- A whole lot of gear to try out, play with, and incorporate into our session.

- Coming to my dungeon can feel like more of a submissive act or a fuller, more traditional BDSM experience for some clients.

- Now that most people have GPS on their iphones, navigating the roads and getting to my dungeon space address is very simple.

- Parking is easy in the Portage Park area of Chicago which is a rare and beautiful thing for those of us who drive around this city.


- The Portage Park district of Chicago is a nice, mellow place but it's a bit of a distance from downtown Chicago.  If you're staying at a hotel downtown, for example, you will have to drive, take a taxi, or ride the subway in order to get to my dungeon.

- If you're going to be taking a taxi or an Uber to my place, you'll have to pay your driver whatever that fee ends up being ($20?  $30?).

- Traffic can be a headache/time-suck in Chicago during certain times of the day.

It's your choice.  I'm happy to have you come here to my dungeon and I'm just as happy to travel over to your place to session there.  Once again, there is no tribute fee difference between one or the other.  It's the same.

Incall or outcall:  it's your call.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Game Time?

The Colonel seems to have an almost fetishistic attachment to that white suit that he's been rocking for decades.  His fetishes probably extend beyond that.

Good for him.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Summer 2016 Gallery

"Royal Treatment"
a bedtime story for grown-ups, told in still images

weary of their wicked ways,
sent The Hearts away
to be punished by
The King of Spades
for a long, eventful day.......

The King of Spades:  Master Aiden
The Queen of Hearts/Alice:  StarlightSkye
The King of Hearts:  StompS
The Knave of Hearts:  Max Torque
the White Rabbit:  Roman Levi

behind-the-camera:  Slave S

Very Special Thanks to:  Slave S and Mr. A