Thursday, February 16, 2017

not a minute too soon.....

If there's a city out there that needs to blow off some steam--via bondage, fetish, kink, and so on--it's these people......

Diverse kink/BDSM group, Dark Odyssey, will be hosting a big event in Washington D.C. called Winter Fire which will include lectures, workshops, play parties, vendors' market, and all the other nice perks that substantial leather weekends contain.  It's for men, women, trans, hetero, bi, gay, pan, you get it.

I hope that Dark Odessey's Winter Fire 2017 gets a great turnout from all over the world (I'm sure that they will) but I really hope that all adults in Washington D.C. go to this.  It would be good for them.  Plus, there are plenty of individuals there who deserve some long-overdue spankings.  I think that's something that we can all agree on as a solid, truthful, nonpartisan statement, yes?  Yes.

Who knows?  Maybe while they're doing their shibari arrangements, they can come up with some policy breakthroughs while they're at it?  One can hope.

Winter Fire takes place this upcoming weekend:  Friday, February 17th through Monday, February 20th.  Passes are still available and the link to this event is right HERE.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rose Red

Have a safe, fangtastic, stupendous, t-rrriffic, and very Happy Valentine's Day!


Master Aiden

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lupe troop

Way back in the days of ancient Rome, you'd be anxiously getting ready for this time of the year but it had nothing to do with buying cards and boxes of chocolates.  The Romans, being hardcore, wouldn't waste their time on that kind of namby-pamby nonsense.  No, no, certainly not.


In the middle of February, they celebrated the Lupercalia Festival which honored the founders of Rome, human twin bros Romulus and Remus.  The "Lupe" in Lupercalia means "wolf" as in the she-wolf that raised the boys (yes, like how Mowgli was saved in "The Jungle Book") before they created the city that all roads led to.

The Lupercalia Festival started in a more spiritual mode--including chanting, rituals, dog sacrifices, goat sacrifices, blood smearing, and other spooky stuff--before turning into an all-out kink extravaganza during which priests (and whatever other guys decided to join in) stripped down bare-ass naked (or loin-clothed), created floggers from the viscera of the sacrificed goats (very creative, resourceful), and ran around town whipping people for good luck.  Party time!

The women, especially, tried to pretend like they didn't want to be whipped but those coy ladies actually wanted to be hit by the drunk Doms (which was more absurd than painful--that was the point) so that the blessed goat floggers would make them more fertile.  As with many S&M environments, the bottoms sorta/kinda pretended that they didn't want to be walloped but we all know better.......

Revelry, laughter, and craziness ensued during this old-school fertility faire that eventually changed into Valentine's Day.

Lupercalia Festival was one of the Romans' favorite times of the year.  But you probably don't need me to tell you that.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Short Spank: A Big N-O

I've been Domming for a good, long time now.

Have I earned the right to have my own rules?  To break away from the crowd?

Yes.  I certainly think so.

I know that sometimes in the BDSM community, there can be a tendency to prove how badass we Doms are.  To be very tough, edgy, punishing, etc., etc.

I can be all those things, for sure.


......and here is the kicker.....

If I think that there's a chance that any of my activities could seriously hurt someone, put them in the hospital, or require some kind of medical involvement then I won't do it.  Fuck it.  It ain't worth it.  Not to me, at least.

I think that that's a logical stance.  I have no shame about it.

So no extreme abuse, no saline injections in peoples' ball sacks and whatnot, nothing too too heavy-duty.

Spanking/whipping/flogging?  Yes.  Fetish?  For sure.  CBT?  Definitely, in moderation.

But the stunt-work kind of stuff?

Nah.  Maybe if I would have been nudged that way a long, long time ago I would have considered it but where I'm at nowadays?  No thanks, we're good.

If other kinksters want to go super-hardcore, hooray for them.  Me?  I'll stick with fetish and bondage and moderate punishments for the ones that lean that way and the light approach for my slaves that require that way of going about things.

If an S&M activity makes me concerned about a submissive, then it's off the menu. 

I think that's fair.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yes Master (entry 145): Enhanced Vision

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

It would be an understatement to say that I've seen the private lives of people--their emotions, wishes, fantasies, fears, vulnerabilities, social anxieties, the deeper meanings of agreed-upon protocol and hierarchy structures, etc.--in entirely different lights because of my Domming job.

Pro Masters and Mistresses see people--many people, many different kinds of people, how we're all similar, how we're all our own islands--from odd vantage points.  To me, this is an honor and a privilege that folks are willing to reveal these sides of themselves.

I've been asked if I've become cynical after working as a BDSM Dom for 10 years.  The answer to that is a very clear No.  Not even close.  The opposite, actually. 

Working as a pro Master has made me less cynical, more empathetic, and more patient.  It's almost single-handedly murdered my shyness (may it burn in hell and never return) and forced me to be more physically present.  It's probably what I needed.  The truth of the matter is that I once was a good boy that broke bad.......and then went full circle back to being good again but in a changed, unusual way.  Beneficial wisdom gained through atypical life experience.

I've never had a more thorough understanding of how people operate privately than before I started Domming.  It's very humbling in unexpected ways.  I see things through a different lens than I used to.  It's staggering once you realize how fetishes--those deep, underlying rivers running beneath the surface of an individual's identity, sexuality, and emotional DNA--seep into other parts of peoples' lives, choices, actions, and fates.

So you want glances at the inner lives of people?

Try exploring fetish and BDSM.  You'll see things in new ways from now on.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What will my first experience be like with a professional BDSM Master?  I'm new to this.

A)  If you're new to BDSM, your session with me will take you through the S&M basics in a way that will be fun, thorough, and enlightening. 

Heavy pain/abuse/humiliation is for serious and deeply experienced players, not for newbies.  I'm aware of that.  If you get to the point where that's the type of session you enjoy and can handle, that's great!  We'll deal with that when you get to that point (as some of you have).  In the meantime, however, you need to be introduced to the basic elements of what BDSM is and what it can be which means different things to everyone.  Some people always stay on the lighter side of BDSM by focusing on fetish, comfortable bondage, and roleplay.  There's nothing wrong with that and plenty of my slaves have that type of temperament.  Harsh spanking, etc. is not for everyone; sometimes it's better to take a more subdued approach.

Before your first session begins, you and I will sit down and you can let me know what your interests are, what you're curious about, what turns you off, your limits, etc.  If you're willing, you could always look through the questionnaire and hone in on what your points of interest might be.  That's always a good start.

First-time sessions are relatively breezy and talked-through.  They are not stressful or scary.  I want you to have a good, enjoyable, kinky experience trying out BDSM, not a frightening one.  There's a major difference between what you see in bondage videos and movies versus how real-life professional BDSM sessions are orchestrated.  It's my job to be the realist in handling your fantasies.  I know what I'm doing and how to take care of people who are in the process of exploring their submissive sides.

Q)  Do I go to you or can you come to me?

A)  Either one.  That's your choice.  Things to consider when deciding on Incall or Outcall, are detailed on the Incalls vs. Outcalls page.  You can come to my dungeon in Chicago or I can come to your home or lodging in Chicago or the Metro Chicago area.  Anyplace within a 90-minute radius of the city is fine by me.

Q)  When are you available?

A)  I'm available to session 7 days a week.  Specific times vary by the week so make sure that you schedule your session at least 2 days in advance so that we can figure out which specific time and date (and location) will be determined for our session.  Just let me know which date, time, and location you have in mind and we'll figure it out from there.  Good scheduling is always the most important thing in making a BDSM session happen.

Q)  Will I get hurt?

A)  No.  And I'm used to doing sessions that will not leave marks either.  I'm a realist when conducting BDSM sessions, not an idealist.  I'm fully aware that my clients have other lives to get to once they exit the dungeon.

Some of my slaves want heavy abuse, marks, welts, red butt cheeks, etc. which I'm more than happy to dish out to some of them.

Most submissives, on the other hand, don't want that.  People have spouses to change clothing in front of, pool parties to attend, and so on.  If taking a lighter approach to S&M suits your lifestyle better, that's not a problem.  In truth, that's a typical concern.  We'll discuss what would be appropriate for you before your session begins.

Q)  Will there be other people there?

A)  No.  It will just be you and I.  I don't have my clients intermixing with each other or awkwardly bumping into each other.  That's just not a good thing.

If you want to get a third, or fourth, individual involved in our session that's fine but you'll be the one responsible for finding them, making sure that they're vetted for BDSM, that they have a general understanding of BDSM protocol, and that they're going to show up on time.  I do not recruit other Masters, Mistresses, or submissives into my sessions.  The "more the merrier" approach is fine when you're at a party but not necessarily in the dungeon.  Speaking from experience.

Q)  Will you be mean to me?

A)  The Cruel Dom archetype is a form of roleplay.  My roleplays begin and end during the session only, in the dungeon only, not during pre-session discussions and certainly not in phone calls, text messaging, or email communications.  I save the roleplays for real face-time only.  In most areas of my life, I'm an extremely polite guy.  I'm always straightforward and commanding but I don't act "mean" to my submissives unless it's during a scene that we both agreed on.  If a scene feels too intense, we can always modify the scene taking place.  I have no intention of ever truly hurting anyone or making anyone upset.  That's not the point.  Your session with me will take you on a journey through an imagined scenario.  My cruelty towards you is just pretend.  Some people are into that and some people aren't.  If you want me to be especially easy on you during a session, feel free to let me know in advance.  I'm used to dealing with extremely tolerant submissives who require heavy abuse but I'm also used to dealing with very sensitive individuals too.  I value all my clients equally and plan their sessions on a case-by-case basis, customized to their suit their interests and personalities.  Everyone is different and I love that.

Q)  How much does a BDSM session with you cost?

A)  Tributes are according to time spent.  $150 for one hour, $250 for 2 hours, $300 for 3 hours.

Q)  What should I wear?

A)  My slaves wear a full spectrum of preferred gear.  Some of them wear head-to-toe leather, others wear rubber masks, lycra jockstraps, cotton thongs, boxers, underoos, lingerie, you name it.  There's no reason to think elaborately unless that's what floats your boat.  Fetish can mean many, many things.  When in doubt, just wear something that turns you on and that you'll feel comfortable in.  Or wear nothing.  That's always an option.

As for me, I realized a long time ago that what I wear during BDSM sessions is basically a dark version of sportswear.  I have to be able to move easily and comfortably through long scenes. 

Because my slaves come in all shapes and sizes, I do not provide wearables for my clients unless we're referring to gimp masks and hoods.  I do have those that I can put you in.  As for your jockstrap or thong, you have to take care of that yourself.

Q)  Can I meet you first before an actual BDSM session?

A)  Yes.  You could always stop by my dungeon or meet me somewhere for coffee.  Meetings are $100 per hour.

Q)  What is the protocol for addressing you?

A)  Master or Sir is fine.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Photography Services

Not only am I a professional BDSM Master, I offer photography services too.

If you're in the Chicago area and need photos done for your own purposes (for your dating profiles, kink ads, etc.), let me know and I'll take pictures for you.

I live in Chicago (in the northwest part of the city) and have my own dungeon space.  We can do shots of you here at my place with all that gear (floggers, paddles, sling, shackles, and so on) or I can come to you and bring gear with me.  I enjoy being behind the camera (more than being in front of it to be honest with you) and it's a fun side-gig that I've been doing off and on for 10 years now.

My services are available to men, women, trans, and non-binary individuals.  You must be at least 21 years old.

What can you expect when I take your picture?

* images that are edgy, timeless, interesting, and sophisticated

* no unfortunate/awkward poses; I'll make you look your best and we'll work together to get the images that will present you in the ways that you're aiming for

* absolute privacy

* individuals, couples, and groups are fine by me

* relaxed, fun, easy, light-hearted creative environments (I realize that some of the photos here may look intense/dark but the process of shooting them is extremely chill, professional, safe, comfortable, and focused on final outcome)

* fast shoots with quick, reliable turn-around's

* an objective and completely non-judgmental guy behind the camera (if you want lightly kinky, that's fine....if you need grittier images, than lets do that too.....not a problem); freaking me out is extremely difficult as you can probably guess

* your pictures don't have to be leather, chains, and whips if you don't want to go that route; sexy vanilla, "normal", and boudoir portraits/concepts are typical requests as well

* location shoots available

* very affordable, fair services

* bare-bones tech (just a few lights in most cases, the camera, the tripod, some good editing software; nothing fancy or fussy) with great results

* beautiful final photos

I'm easy to work with and (because of my Domming job) I'm used to being around kinky men and women of all ages, shapes, sizes, identities, and leanings.

All of the main images that you see on my blog and website are pictures that I've art-directed and/or shot myself.  I have a certain style that I lean towards so--just to be straightforward with you--chances are that your photographs will end up having a similar tone/vibe/aesthetic regarding what you see here on my blog.  If that works for you, then let's schedule your photo shoot and create some good, strong images that you can use for your purposes.

When I'm the subject--when I'm in front of the camera--I typically direct the photographers that I work with so that they know exactly what I'm aiming for and we shoot with the camera that I own (because I'm used to the settings, the file types, etc.).  I like my camera, I've had it for a long time, and I'm happy with the way it creates images.  When one of my photographer collaborators isn't available to take shots, I'll just get out the ol' tripod, set the camera timer, and do the photos of myself by myself (sometimes I have a slave joining me to create the photo story and then, at other times, I'm the only one in the photos).  So, by this point, after doing BDSM photos for my own website and blog for many years, I've gotten pretty good at creating kinky photos.

Plenty of people need images for their Fetlife profiles, Tinder accounts, Scruff profiles, Grindr, adult services provider advertisements, etc., and so on.  Too often you see a lot of awkward selfies, party/vacation pics with blurred faces, mirror shots, etc. but, if you want to go with something that's significantly better while still affordable and easily doable, contact me and, together, you and I will create some good content for your personal/private endeavors.

Because every project is completely different--and every subject/client is different--I don't have a set rate that I work with.  Just let me know what you need, and what your vision is, and we'll figure out a compensation that is fair for everyone.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

a few fetish thoughts

A couple of quick things:

*I'm glad that you guys--and girls (I'm not forgetting about the ladies)--enjoyed the last set of pics.  They were a lot of fun to do and they came out pretty ridiculous which I think may have been for the best.  A little bit of levity is a beautiful thing sometimes, right?  Absofuckinglutely.

*The black zentai outfit that I wore in the Holidays 2016 Gallery was a really interesting experience.  The look was cool with the lights and all of that but I'm not used to zentai and I don't think that I would wear that kind of thing during an actual session.  For the pics, I removed the head section of the outfit because, obviously, I have to see what I'm doing in order to Dominate people and I didn't like having my hands covered because that makes me feel disconnected from the slave and the gear that I'm using.  I've mentioned on this blog before that I like having leather or rubber gloves on in photographs--because it's a great aesthetic and it's intense-looking--but, in real life, during sessions, I don't like having gloves on.  I like to have my hands free and open so that I feel fully connected to the submissive, so that I can feel all the buttons on certain pieces of gear, and so on, you get the idea.  Everybody has their quirks, do's, dont's, things that they prefer, things that bug them, etc.  Anyway, I like to be a bit more free and open than zentai and gloves allow but, for picture purposes, yes, zentai and gloves can be interesting.  I noticed that that outfit made my head look bigger than it is and my body smaller than it is which I thought was......a bit strange.  One of the things about trying new things--whether it's leather gear or rubber or zentai or whatever the hell--is that the effect and the experience can be different than what you expect.  But it's good to try new things, of course!

*I've loved using my leather bondage straps a lot lately during sessions--thank you, RubberSlingW--and I don't know why it took me a while to fully appreciate using big, wide, leather straps to confine people but they can be really perfect (basically, they're like huge, long belts but meant for bondage).  Ropes, specialty bondage tape, chains, locks, shackles, etc. are all great, standard go-to's but those leather straps are awesome!  Perfect for me because, as my slaves know, I like to move things along and get to the point when it comes to bondage (I don't like for things to take all day) so those straps definitely suit my personality.  So, yes, people, try out leather straps and belts on your submissives to bind them not only to whip them.  Very useful, works like a charm.  And, from what I can tell, it's a comfortable mode of bondage which matters a lot.

*Speaking of straps, have you ever noticed that sometimes, with certain pieces, it seems like leather shackles and confines for wrists and ankles are either one notch too tight or one notch too loose?  That always pisses me off.  What I do--and what I suggest to you folks who sometimes find themselves with a similar inconvenience--is to drill extra holes (additional notches ) between the notches that were originally created on your leather gear.  Just do it carefully with a smaller-sized drill bit.  It's easy and it takes 5 seconds.  Just have a wood block underneath the leather while you're drilling (I use an old wooden knife holder that I got for like a buck at a thrift store as a wood under-block; it's very useful, you can easily store it in a cabinet, and then bust it out when altering leather pieces).  So, yes, additional notches can make all the difference during BDSM sessions.  Obviously creating additional notches in leather pieces is fine but don't try that with rubber bondage gear or you'll ruin it.

*Working on some new articles for this blog, ordering gear for the next photo shoot (in February), and doing S&M sessions with my clients as usual.  I'm actually really glad that the holidays are over and now we can move on to the new stuff for '17.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Holidays Gallery 2016

Dreaming In Real Time

"Dreams come through stone walls, light up dark rooms, or darken light ones, and their persons make their exits and their entrances as they please and laugh at locksmiths."

-- J. Sheridan Le Fanu

I'm the Master in these photos and the submissives are Chgowestslave and ScrappleChingon. (thanks, guys!)