Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You'll Survive The Heat

So don't complain about it.

Summer in Chicago is always incredible with too many options to choose from, too many street fests to eat up your time and $, too many good times to be had.  And then, before you know it, it will be autumn followed by whatever arctic horrors winter will have in store for us.....

So enjoy the summer.  Yes, I know it's humid but oh well, you'll be fine.

One of the annual events that is definitely worth sweating through is the August tradition of the Northalsted Market Days which are (sort of) Gay Pride pt. II.

The Northalsted Market Days 2015 essential info is right HERE

This year, Market Days take place on Saturday, August 8th and Sunday, August 9th in the heart of Boystown.

Personally, I like Market Days better than Pride because it's more fun, more merchants, and you can move through the crowds a bit easier (but that could change since the Market Days event as a whole seems to get more and more popular).

For you kinksters and leather folk, Market Days also means that the fetish bars and bath houses will feature special events and even more.....opportunities.....than usual.

And, needless to say, all the Boystown hot spots will be jam-packed and Andersonville--just a quick journey up Clark Street--will also have good stuff going on.

Inevitably a great weekend coming up in a couple of weeks in Chicago--one of the year's best (it always is)--so be sure to take advantage of it, play safe, and have fun!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 124) : One Way To Get There Is To Go On Foot.....

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on MasterAiden.blogspot.com.  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:  Master-Aiden@hotmail.com

There's booty paddling and nipple torture and CBT and flogging the back and so on.....

But I'm sure that you already know all this so let's shift gears for a second.

A few of my slaves love "foot torture".  If you want to get super-serious about it, you can call it bastinado (make sure that you say it out loud in a commanding voice), but that term is probably more appropriate for describing the awful, gory version of foot torture used in the Oldyn Dayes rather than the tantalizing and playful version of foot torture that I'm pointing at here.

Is our version of foot torture really torture?  No, not really.  It doesn't actually come down to that.  I can go harsh, of course--applying heavy stinging or thudding impact, depending on the force used and device chosen--but that doesn't mean that I have to go harsh.....or that you have to, dear readers, if you want to try this at home with your own submissive(s).  A little bit can go along way.  Start off by going easy.

You can spank and whip (as well as other sensations--namely electro, Wartenberg wheel, etc.) the bottoms of the feet which some people find very stimulating.  Don't hit the toes or the bony parts of the feet hard (obviously, because that would be fucking stupid).  The spot for impact (moderate impact at most, nothing overly heavy-duty like beating an ass; you can't beat someone's foot like you can get away with when beating their ass because we're clearly dealing with less insulating tissue) is the fleshy, soft part of the foot right smack-dab in the middle.

In the illustration above, you'll see an area of the foot that has a band of tissue called the plantar fascia.  That's your target for some foot spanking.  That's the sweet spot.  Sticks, rods, rulers, canes, switches can be used.  I think that riding crops work surprisingly well for our S&M version of bastinado and those are what I'd recommend using.

All kinksters know that feet are a popular worship points on your Master or Mistress BUT feet, also, are underutilized spots on the submissive's body that can be played with, and "tortured", during BDSM scening.  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

"Kingdom" Come

I'm a big Anne Rice fan, no doubt about it, and I have been for a long time.

The vampires books, the witches books, the historical books, etc.  I love her.  I think that she's an incredible creator, she's an original, and her characters are fascinating.

People love questioning and talking shit about cultural icons (because the internet is, according to research, 80% composed of grating misery where everyone hates everything and everyone else all the time no matter how good you are at what you do) but there's no reason to dismiss Anne Rice's influence.  Today's pop culture has her DNA running through plenty of different streams.

Personally, I've always enjoyed her BDSM fantasy series, the "Sleeping Beauty" books.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that quite a few of you readers are aware of these books.  Just a guess....

But in case you're new in town:

Yes, the "Sleeping Beauty" books (which she wrote under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure) are about the fairy tale figure Sleeping Beauty (yeah, like the Disney movie....but not quite--) who gets roused from her slumber by a handsome prince.....who whisks her off to an incredible kingdom where pretty much everyone is a serious S&M enthusiast.  Lots of kinky things happen between men and women, women and women, and men and men.  It's an inspired concept and it's thoroughly awesome.  The books--the three founding stories in this short series--were written in the 80's, gained a big cult following in the 90's, and have been popular ever since.

I don't remember when, exactly, I discovered these books but I do remember doing readings of them with my goth/punk alternateen friends when we were in high school.  As one does.

The ideas within BDSM have never, ever scared me (even when, maybe, they should have?....) and reading those books back in the day partially inspired me to explore the bondage world.  I wanted to be a wicked prince, too, and tie people up, order them around, and spank them.  Damn right!  Because being too nice was overrated.  Boys have to explore their capacity for cruelty, at least a little bit, even if it's play-acting.

And now....

There is a new "Sleeping Beauty" book (which I would have never expected).

It's called "Beauty's Kingdom".

I'm not going to give away too many plot points but Sleeping Beauty is all grown up and she and her alpha-male bisexual husband acquire the kinky kingdom.....and lots of bondage, spanking, and political intrigue goes down.

This newest book--the 4th book in the series--has a slightly different flavor than the first three but I like "Kingdom" just as much (maybe more?) than the 80's trilogy.  It's a bit more emotional, mature, inner-character than those first ones.  But that's just my opinion.  I love some good, raunchy writing (obviously) but I also love reading more about the thoughts/sensations/dreams/histories of these characters within their bondage city while it's happening rather than just a whole ton of shackles-and-ass-whipping action pieces.  There's plenty of that too, needless to say--that's what keeps the Bellavalten economy running--but Anne Rice reaches for an entirely new level of understanding between Dominants and submissives when it comes to this installment especially.

Thought-provoking and sharp escapism from a master storyteller who takes chances and does her own thing.

"Beauty's Kingdom" can be ordered/downloaded right HERE on Amazon.

Friday, July 3, 2015


What is it about leather that revs you up?

And what about rubber hoods?  Lycra singlets?  Neoprene bodysuits?

In August, I'm going to do a series of writings focusing on the different skins, or materials, that we use in kinkwear.  Why do some materials turn us on while others don't?  Why do we eroticize them?

What is your favorite kind of fetishwear?

Leather, rubber, spandex, or neoprene?  Or is there a different kind of material that you prefer?  Maybe vinyl or denim?


["I don't know why I like leather; it just turns me on for some reason." won't cut it.  Think, people.  Get analytical.]

Aside from researching around on this topic, I'd be interested in hearing from the readers of this blog (whether clients or just readers) too.  Feel free to write in and tell me about your favorite kind of kinkwear.  Help me out a little bit with these upcoming articles by sharing your own thoughts and opinions.  (I can always use Google Translate if necessary; writing in in English is not necessarily required.)

My email is the same as ever:    Master-Aiden@hotmail.com

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Short Spank: "Snap!" Goes The Towel

What is it with locker rooms?

Without a doubt, one of the most prevalent gay erotic fantasy settings is the old-fashioned Mens Locker Room.  Gyms, universities, bath houses, sports centers, and so on.  A typical scene for some kind of kinky throwdown.

Sweat, all-male bonding, competition, vulnerability, objects, clothing, showers, skin, and secrets.  Sight, touch, voices, laughter, scent.

You do see locker room settings every once in a while (but not too often) in gay S&M films but it's an underutilized background.  If things could ever get wild and crazy between guys, whether it's a group or just two individuals, that could absolutely happen just as easily in a locker room--a likely place--as it could in any dungeon.  Maybe even more likely to happen, come to think of it.

I'm sure fetishistic scenes absolutely do occur in locker rooms sometimes, especially when there are no cameras around.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shiny, Stretchy, and Waterproof

Mr. Midwest Rubber (a contest and event) will be taking place next month at Touche in Chicago.

The weekend of July 17th-19th

Once Mr. Midwest Rubber rolls in closer, be sure to check on the Touche website for times, rules, etc.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 Gallery

Stranger In A Strange Land

"No matter where you go, there you are...."

We can never completely run away from our own wishes and secret thoughts.

No matter how far we travel, no matter where we escape.

All the pieces and parts of ourselves, whether or not they seem to contrast with each other, end up fitting together in their own unique, rational pattern.

Even when those parts seem foreign and unfamiliar.

BDSM is all about exploration and travel....within our wishes and our own dark corners, secret paths, twisted roads, and back alleys.

Are you ever afraid that you'll get lost along the way?

Don't worry.  Be brave.

Go to curious places, travel within yourself, embrace your kinks, and realize that all of those different pieces of you are what form the full picture.

With each new set of pictures that we do, we aim to visually interpret aspects of BDSM.  This set is about how, by engaging in Dominance and submission, we sometimes travel into different places and different parts of ourselves.

Very Special Thanks to Slave S. and Slave SW for being the submissives in these photos.  Very Special Thanks to my longtime photo man LBJ, and Slave SW as well, for their skills behind the camera.

Influences for the Sping/Summer 2015 Gallery:  "Jekyll and Hyde", vintage and contemporary expressions of punk, old and new, chaos and order, above and below, travel, exploration, movement, changing perspectives, night, and day