Thursday, January 22, 2015

This Is Not Just Some Ordinary Weekend....'s Mr. Chicago Leather weekend.

The Mr. Chicago Leather website with scheduling, locations, and event details is right HERE.

It's a nice precursor to the annual International Mr. Leather weekend that always happens here in Chicago at the end of May (and it decides which man will be competing to represent Chicago during IML).  Mr. Chicago Leather will be taking place over the next few days in the Rogers Park district of the city, centering around Touche leather bar and the Leather Archives and Museum (perfect) which means that you won't have to dash around all over the place since the main events happen within blocks from each other.

Is there a better way for a kinkster to break up the winter than spending a weekend immersed in fetish fun and festivities?  No.

This is why Chicago rocks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I'm going to do a good, ol' fashioned Q&A's posting next week for the next "Yes, Master" article so if you have a BDSM-related question (or something that would be suitable, in a roundabout way, for this blog), go ahead, email me, and send in a question.  In total, I'll pick 5 or 6 to answer on the blog.

Private questions are, of course, always answered too but I'll be able to tell the difference between a session-related question ("Are you available to take a session on Thursday at 10pm, Sir?") and what's meant for a fun Q&A posting (obviously).

My email is as it's always been:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 113): No Two Are The Same

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

Something to keep in mind whether you're dealing with professional Doms or unprofessional Doms:

DO NOT EVER expect your Master or Mistress to be exactly like some other Master or Mistress that you've served before.

We all specialize in different things, have different talents, have different interests, yes's, no's, and so on.

No two Masters are the same.  No two Mistresses are the same.

Just like no two submissives are the same......

Always be respectful and always realize that you're dealing with individuals, not carbon copies of archetypes.
I've gotten more relaxed and cool about people stumbling over faux pas and assumptions than I used to be.  I'm not as much of a snap-reactive as I used to be.  I'm a little bit nicer now (in some ways).  So if a new person--a client--makes an assumption, I correct them on it and we move along and I don't begrudge them (grudges are the worst!  avoid them at all costs!).

However.....many Masters and Mistresses out there won't be as chill about incorrect assumptions as I am.

If you're a submissive who finds themself about to enter the dungeon with a new Master or Mistress, DO NOT assume entitlement.  You can make requests--you can work out the details with your Master or Mistress--but, for the love of God, don't ever be under the impression that your new Dom will recreate scenes conducted by your former Dom(s).  Do yourself a favor and remember this bit of advice before you open your mouth somewhere in London and say "Well, my Dominatrix in Portland would do such and such so, you'll do that too, right?"

Uh oh......

Instead, go about it this way:  "My likes are such and such and such and such.  My limits are dot, dot, dot, dot....., Thank you, Sir [or Thank you, Mistress"].  I think that that's probably a better route to take when presenting your thoughts.

You get what I'm saying.

You're welcome.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 112): Excuses, Excuses....

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

A lot of people keep their fetishes safely secured within dungeon walls but I'm aware that plenty of you enjoy sharing.  Or at least hinting at your private interests in public settings.

I live in Chicago and, as you can probably guess, you can see a lot of interesting folks walking around on a regular day-to-day basis.

I've witnessed my fair share of leather, spike heels, cleavage, yoga pants (we'll get to those in a second), heavy-duty boots, and ultra-tight jeans around this city.  Could these fashion statements just be style choices?  Sure.  Of course.  But there are certain moments when you see someone out and about and it's brutally obvious that what they're wearing is about more than just aesthetics.

Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about.

Sometimes the wearing of a bondage collar at the independent record store (I'm looking at you, Wicker Park) says more than "I'm goth".  You may wear it because it looks doom-and-gloom but perhaps it means that you're in a BDSM relationship.  Unless someone actually walks up and asks you "Hey, are you wearing that collar just because it looks cool or are you wearing that because your boyfriend ties you up?", there's no definite way to be sure what that person's intent is.

Is it fashion or is it fetish?  With goths and punks, it can be hard to tell.  Sometimes it's one, the other, or both.

When a girl or a guy wears an outfit that's obviously sexy, it's meant to be noticed.  Does that mean that they're inviting harassment?  No, of course not.  Harassment is never something that is excusable under any circumstance.  However, I do not buy the "I'm just dressing for myself" bullshit.  C'mon now....take some personal responsibility and fess up.  You're putting on a show.  We all are.

Unless you're so wildly unperceptive as to not be aware that you're walking around at the supermarket looking like you've been shrinkwrapped into your pants (Lulumon ladies and cyclist guys, don't play coy)--meaning that you're either a.) clueless or b.) suffer from some kind of neurological disorder--you know exactly what you're doing, what you look like, how you're being perceived, and the message that you're sending out.  You could always throw on shorts or pants over that lycra.  There is no law stopping you from doing that and you know it.  "I'm just really into fitness".  No, actually, you're showing off.  Which is fine as long as you're conscious of it.

Wearing a ton of black leather enhanced by chains and buckles--no matter how designer or expensive that leather may be--hints at a certain.....subversiveness.  Outlaw.  Rebel.  Bad Boy or Bad Girl.  Possible tiger in the bedroom, that sort of thing.  Possibly kinky.  Possibly into the rough stuff.  Master of Darkness, Mistress of the Nocturnal (a little bit, at least).  That's the message that you're sending out and it's undeniable.

Everything is a costume, everything is a message.

When it comes to fetishwear (but what is fetishwear?  what isn't fetishwear?) in public--or semi-public--there are designated places for that.  Dungeon nights, leather balls, special S&M events.  Some people can get away with secretly or kinda-secretly sharing their fetishes with the outside world in real time (you know who you are) but for others (the gimp mask wearers, the pony boys, the head-to-toe latex gummi people, etc., etc.), they typically have to wait in order to grab their show-off opportunities.  Unless they're extremely brave.....

Fetishwear can be part of your average day-to-day (Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm) but it depends on what your fetishes are.  Some fetishes can be seen everywhere all the time (black leather dress shoes, colorful socks, rubber coats, cleavage blouses, form-fitting denim, business suits, long and shiny black hair--all of these are, indeed, typical fetishes) while other ones tend to be for unique circumstances only (most people don't wear their puppy masks to the DMV but, hey, whatever floats your boat--try not to traumatize anyone).

It makes you think.  The next time that you see someone wearing something interesting in a public place, why do you think that they're wearing it?  Is it just for the look of it?  Could be.  Or is it for some other purpose?

And that person staring at you.....

What are they looking at?  Why?

Maybe they really like that leather jacket that you're wearing (even though there aren't many chains or buckles on it).  Maybe your shoes look especially attractive on you tonight.  Maybe your ass creates a fantastic picture in those jeans that you're wearing.

It's entirely possible that you're directly (if unknowingly) tapping into someone's fetish this evening.  They're staring at you and you are The Star Of The Show right now.  Does that make you uncomfortable?  Does it turn you on?

Fetish perversion can take place anywhere you go and can be anything that you're wearing.  Whether it's intentional on your part is up to you.  But, then again, sometimes you don't have much of a choice as to whether or not you're participating in some stranger's fantasy....

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Short Spank: Wrist Watching

So you prefer to watch rather than participate?

There's nothing wrong with that.  Plenty of people are voyeurs.

My angle (and I always have one) is that if you get enough watching done, and you're feeling courageous....go ahead and swing the whip sometime.  Give it a go.  Try it out, even if it's just a little bit.  You may surprise yourself.

I know that there will be a bunch of S&M parties coming up this week--and I know that the majority of people there will be watching rather than playing (I've been to enough kinky parties; I know what many of you are like) but, hey, if you get inspired to might enjoy getting shackled (or clipped or caged, and so on and so on).

How did I initially figure out many of my personal Do's and Don'ts for bondage roleplay?  By watching others, of course.

Nowadays, if I'm at a BDSM party, I participate--that's just how I do things.

But if playing the spy is your fetish, there's always room (and a role) for spectators.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes, Master (entry 111): Atomic

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

Fetish photography started taking place very soon after the first camera was invented (funny how that works, isn't it?).  Today we have loads of people (myself included) who snap pictures depicting leather, rubber, and BDSM situations.

One of the most fascinating creators of fetish photography was a British designer, photographer, and engineer named John Sutcliffe who published collections of images (serving as made-to-order catalogs of leather and rubber gear) known as AtomAge (or Atomage) magazine.  The magazine, and it's offshoots, thrived throughout the 1970's.  Sutcliffe's designs and craftsmanship have been featured in movies, TV, theatrical performances, and advertisements.

You can view some of the work from AtomAge right HERE.  As you can see, Sutcliffe's perspective definitely leaned towards the heterosexual but anyone who appreciates fetish photography can understand the appeal of his creations.

From the unexpected models to the sometimes puzzling choice of setting/scene, Sutcliffe's images exist in a universe of their own making.  There are pictures that look just as wholesome as retro department store promotions aside from the fact that the smiling, bouffanted ladies just happen to be wearing vinyl catsuits instead of Sunday dresses.  Some of the images are meticulous and intentional while other ones make you ask the questions:  "Should I be seeing this?  Is this really happening?"

Kitsch--but brilliant--to the nth degree, the uniquely flavorful AtomAge photos reveal an impressive array of high-concept and innovative fetishwear designs worn by enthusiastic models.

Special Thanks to Sock Slave for bringing AtomAge Magazine to my attention and, also, for the book featuring photos from the magazine.  The book--which is extremely cool--can be found right HERE.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the reflectors are always on

Well, I'm glad that you are enjoying the Holiday 2014 Gallery of BDSM images that we just put the lid on.  We had fun doing them but, yes, it was really fucking cold during some sections but no one got pneumonia and no one had to take any breaks in the warmed-up car during any of the segments so that's a win-win!

Although this shot is a bit much to put in the Main Gallery, I want to thank Slave SG for writing me an email and asking why I was wearing "creepy" (thank you, Slave SG, you're always a king of subtlety) contact lenses under my sunglasses.

So here's the deal:

I never wear contact lenses, ever.

However, if I'm ever getting a picture taken using a flash, I can guarantee that the Red Eyes will always be activating in full force.  A lot of people have that issue which is why on most photo editing software there's a feature that you can use where you shape a little square over the Red Eyes, you click, and then it (usually) turns the eyes from Red into blue which sucks a bit because my eyes are either green and/or dark grey, depending on the day; I don't have blue eyes.  But I always use the "get rid of red eyes" feature before I post up pics so that my shots don't look like stills from a Hammer Horror film (more than they already do sometimes).

If I get a picture taken by myself using flash, there will be Red Eyes.  If I get a picture taken within a group of people, there will be--shining practically from across the street like a rabid raccoon--the biggest, most exaggerated pair of Red Eyes lurching at you from out of the image.  There may be a couple of other sets of Red Eyes from other people in the photos but I can count on mine being larger, scarier, and twice as Sauron-esque as anyone else's.  My friends like making fun of that.

Is it a talent?  Eh.  I wouldn't call it that.

Because I was tired, I don't always go over the smallest details before I post up pictures and I miss stuff every once in a while.  I won't change this shot above because it's ridiculous.  It's ridiculous because of the pose and the Dandy Mott-joins-the-MIB expression of pure evil! (punching at you with a chain?  Really, photographer LBJ?  Do we really need to go that far over the top?  haha).  But what makes it truly fun is the fact that even through these sunglasses (you can't buy darker ones), I'm still serving up some darksided Red Eyes glaring at you through the lenses.  Arnold could definitely kick my ass but when it comes to having some special Terminator features in my mainframe, I've still got a one-up on him.

Take me to your leader.

Holiday Gallery 2014

Nothing says "Have a holly jolly Christmas!" quite like gloomy images of foul weather, crumbling structures, Master/servant roleplay, bondage, and fetishwear.

So here we have the newest gallery of images and the last bit for this year (I'm already working on getting stuff ready for the Spring 2015 Gallery but let's not jump ahead of ourselves).

Rain, snow, sleet, dirt, whips, chains, and cum.  Since we did the majority of these shots last month, that must mean it's a normal November for Master Aiden.  [Don't pretend like you're grossed-out.  You love it.  I just had to toss that in there for the fun of it.]

This most recent set of images tells an abstract (a very, very abstract.....) narrative about using bondage play as a metaphor for psychological exploration.  Feelings and desires move through everyone like storms.  They come, they go.  They take on different attributes depending on the day.  Sometimes the weather within us is dark and oppressive.  Sometimes we feel like the world around us is collapsing.  And, yet, we all manipulate those feelings--twist them and transform them--by turning them into stories, fetishes, obsessions, and pitch-black joyrides.  From pain into pleasure and back to pain again.  How can we switch decadence to construction?  Sometimes what seems bad, or scary, is actually something good.  Ruins become gardens.  Abandoned places can return to civilization (until they become abandoned again).

Hot merges with cold and storms happen.  We can either shelter (repress) ourselves from the rain or we can go outside and splash in it.  BDSM allows us to address those heavier feelings and desires as they come and go:  to face them, to confront them, and to look at both the good and the bad (and maybe, if we're lucky, to turn the bad into good).

The main concept for this set of images came from an Edgar Allan Poe story, "Descent Into The Maelstrom" about a man confronting forces of nature and the unknown (it's one of my favorie Edgar Allan Poe stories and, in my opinion at least, very different from the rest of his work).  But then, also, people have been talking a lot recently about "1984" and how our society is creeping towards Orwell's novel.  "It's becoming like '1984'", "Orwell predicted the future", etc., etc.  I like to listen when people talk (and I always enjoy hearing people discussing their neuroticisms and freakout's because I can't help myself) so the final gallery for this year is a strange, convoluted mergence of "Descent Into The Maelstrom" and "1984" told through an S&M prism on a leather stage.

As always, I'm the villain.

I had two slave boys play my submissives for these shots (Thank You to Slave RSW and Slave WAT--you guys are great) and my usual photographer braved some very cold temperatures behind the lens (thank you to LBJ for not freezing your fingers off).