Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's That Weekend Again....

......You know what I'm talking about.

It's IML weekend.  And Shibaricon weekend.

Play safe, spend $ at the markets, and let's all have a fantastic time.


Master Aiden

Monday, May 18, 2015

New Pics Coming Soon

I was going to have them online in May but this upcoming set of pictures is much more multi-layered and elaborate than I had originally planned.  There's a lot going on with them.  Lots of different locations, scenes, outfits, gear, etc., etc.  I'm pleased with how things are going so far but there's more to do.  They're very classic BDSM; not super-weird or too high concept.  Just strong, cool fetish imagery.

The Summer 2015 Gallery be up before the end of June, I do know that much.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Moment's Notice.... not how a lot (most?) Doms line up their sessions.  Myself included.

Scheduling is very important to me and one of the reasons for this is pretty simple:

BDSM Masters and Mistresses typically deal with a lot of equipment and gear.

We have to make sure that all that stuff is ready to use, functioning, clean, untangled, and where it should be.  And sometimes what we're wearing for certain scenes takes a fair amount of preparation time (for example, my pair of boots that takes 20 minutes! to lace up and then another pair of boots that only takes 15 minutes; that's just the boots).  BDSM can require all sorts of paraphernalia so if you have a Master or Mistress that doesn't just show up--or allow you to show up--at the drop of a hat, take that as a good sign.

Scheduling in advance is always the best way to do things.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Calling Out

Ever since I've been Domming, my slaves have always had lots and lots of questions.

Provocative questions ("can I taste your ____?") and practical questions ("how is parking over by your dungeon?").

People've got things they'd like to ask and stuff they've gotta know, apparently.

Towards the end of this month, I'm going to do another Q&A's posting for "Yes, Master".  I try to do a few per year.  So if you've got a question, go ahead and ask and I might just put it up for that posting.  All inquirers will be kept anonymous, of course.  Try to think of interesting/smart/unusual questions if you want me to answer it on the blog.  Keep the standard, typical questions for normal day-to-day emails per usual.

As always, you can email me at the same damn email address that I've been using forever:

And, no, I'm not going to get a cooler email address because that's the one that my slaves are used to reaching me at.  So that's the one I'm going to hold on to as old-fashioned as it is.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 120): Whoa, Bettie!

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

What is it about Bettie Page?  

Why is she so popular after all these decades?  What makes her the counterculture's Statue of Liberty and a fetish icon?

Out of one of America's most squeaky-clean, conservative periods--the 1950's--emerged a raven-haired vixen from Nashville, instigating forbidden thoughts from a straight-laced population.  She dreamed of being an actress but stumbled into pin-up and bondage modeling after being asked by a photographer/policeman to step in front of the camera for him.  Bettie soon proved to be a hit among the underground mail-order S&M erotica crowd; her popularity grew from that base and eventually trickled into pop culture.

After a few years, she gained a unique place within the media as, generally, a part of the burlesque world.  Although those notorious photographs (we all know them) featured unquestionably naughty fantasies where Bettie played both the Domme and the slave-girl--spanking and being spanked, bound and then binding other women--none of her work showed sexual intercourse.  Because of this, she was tolerated, overall, as being benignly bawdy rather than a threat to civilization.  Images of Bettie are, of course, popular nowadays as subversive nostalgia but she was also well-known and celebrated back in the 50's during her own heyday as a living, breathing sex symbol. 

As with all icons with staying power, Bettie's complexity extended beyond her image.  She had a series of rocky romances--and plenty of divorces--but the unexpected twist in the world of Bettie Page is that she became a born-again Christian who eventually abandoned fetish modeling and ended up, down the line, working full-time for Billy Graham (no kidding).  There was a brief period, towards the end of her bondage model stint, where those two sides of her personality overlapped.

While growing up, Bettie dealt with extreme poverty, stress, a broken home, and molestation which fed into issues involving nervous breakdowns and schizophrenia in later periods of her life.  Despite her struggles, Bettie had a firm, focused grasp on her legacy and surprisingly modern viewpoints regarding alternative expressions of sexuality.  She had unusual strength and wisdom when it came to reconciling her past as a fetish pin-up with her Christian lifestyle.

She says of bondage:  

"I don’t really disapprove of it; I think you can do your own thing as long as you’re not hurting anybody else — that’s been my philosophy ever since I was a little girl. I never looked down my nose at it. In fact, we used to laugh at some of the requests that came through the mail, even from judges and lawyers and doctors and people in high positions. Even back in the ’50s they went in for the whips and the ties and everything else."


"I never thought it was shameful. I felt normal. It's just that it was much better than pounding a typewriter eight hours a day, which gets monotonous."

Towards the end of her life, Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Co. assisted Bettie in wrangling her legal rights, benefits regarding her image, product licencing, etc., creating a well-run celebrity estate that continues to this day.

Bettie was a beautiful southern girl with an open mind, a sense of humor, mischief, and acceptance, and didn't enjoy being bored.  That's how we ended up with Bettie Page t-shirts, lunch boxes, mugs, action figures, and dorm room posters.  There you have it.

Her estate's official website is HERE, the Bettie Page Wikipedia page is HERE, and there are various films and documentaries online about her that are certainly enjoyable and informative.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Devilish Than Angelic

The City of Angels will be hosting DomCon from May 13th through the 17th at the Hilton LAX.

A big, special event with workshops, presentations, vendors, a fetish ball, play parties, and all the good stuff that you want.  I've never been to DomCon before but it looks incredible and I'm definitely jealous of those who are attending and presenting next week.

If you're a kinkster in the Los Angeles area, you'd be crazy not to go.

The DomCon website is HERE.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 119): Leather Bars

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

Leather bars can be fun, don't get me wrong.  But there can be (depending on the location, all of them are different....) a massive gap between what one expects from a leather bar and what one actually ends up experiencing.

Idealized Expectations:

- right when you walk in, there's a grand, fetishistic orgy happening already but they've saved all the really amazing stuff for later because they were hoping that you would arrive

- everyone looks exactly like living, breathing versions of Tom of Finland's illustrations

- it's a comfortable environment with a layout that makes sense

- there's a coat/pants check area and everything is organized

- the inside of the place will smell like tobacco, leather, sex, etc. (insert whatever aromas appeal to you)

- there's a ton of BDSM equipment available and operational for you to use

- the bartenders like you just as much as you like them

- everyone will approach you because they all fell madly in love with you the moment you walked in; you're going to be beating men off of you with a stick! (maybe literally)

Okay, now.....

I don't want to bust your bubbles (I mean, I do, but not at this exact moment) but you may want to adjust your expectations a little bit so that you can enjoy the place that you attend for what it is rather than having inflated expectations that fall wildly short when you actually arrive, sabotaging your night and leaving you disappointed with a sour taste in your mouth (the kind that you don't want).

Typically, there are no bondage orgies taking place in leather bars--that's what most dungeons are for.  A good, overall rule-of-thumb would be....

Leather bars are for drinking, posing, and strutting around......whereas dungeons are for playing in.  In general.

Some leather bars have small dungeon areas within them that are intended for BDSM play.  Some of those spaces may be used for that exact purpose but some bars have those spaces that serve more of a decorative function than anything else.  It depends on the bar.

Leather events are a whole different ballgame where all kinds of joyous activities could be happening at once but those are special occasions, not weekly/nightly shindigs.  Special events are special events because they don't happen all the time.

A leather bar may or may not have dungeon-style equipment available for playing in but they may be occupied by dedicated townies or the gear may be half-broken.  The crowd, as a majority, probably won't resemble Tom of Finland illustrations.  There will be some attractive individuals but, needless to say, the conventionally pretty/hunky ones (as a group, as a specific demographic) tend to gravitate towards more typical gay bars (unless it's IML or Folsom which are....Special Occasions which have an almost "Everyone's gonna be there!", don't-miss-it, 'wear some fetish gear just for this weekend because it's Halloween' kind of vibe to them).

You may meet someone new at a leather bar.  You may have someone approach you.  But you also might want to consider taking the initiative yourself in order to meet someone new that you've got your eye on.  If you want to talk to them, waiting for them to come over to you might not be your best option.

From my personal experience--defying whatever leather fantasy fiction you've read online--leather/fetish guys are not, actually, the most aggressive, straightforward men on the planet (even the Doms/Masters/Tops/Daddies).  They're kind of shy, actually (all I can do is speak from my personal experiences).  Fetish folk tend to be the thinkers, the intellectuals of the LGBT community, the former nerds in high school, current geeks, etc., etc.  Yes, of course, I've met plenty of dumb leather fiends but, overall, the fetish crowd tends not to be as wild and crazy as they may like to imagine themselves.  They like sci fi, The Huffington Post, and "Big Bang Theory".  I'm generalizing here but you probably get what I mean....

People don't attack you in leather bars.  They don't grab you by your leather coat, toss you over the spanking bench, tie you down, clip some clamps on your nips, grab your nuts, and do crazy things to your butt.  I know that some of you would probably love for that to happen, but no.  That's not how it works.  (Sorry, guys.)

Leather bars may look intimidating, and some of the men may look intimidating, but once you're there for more than 5 minutes the budget haunted house aesthetic loses its scare-factor really quickly.  Just because you paint the walls black and throw up a few chains and medieval sconces or whatever doesn't automatically turn the place into the Marquis de Sade's lair of torment.  Not quite.

So don't be intimidated by leather bars, please.  Don't psyche yourself up in that regard, don't believe the hype.  Unless there's some nice event going, chances are it's just a bunch of dudes sitting around drinking beer in a place that sorta-kinda resembles a photo lab dark room.

Small, safe conversations are good, easy starting points.  Make friends.  Chat, joke around a little bit.  It's entirely possible that you'll meet someone cool at a leather bar that you'd want to get to know better or scene with.  Leather bars, nowadays, tend to be means to an end--an avenue to use in order meet new people that you may want to take to a dungeon space at some point--rather than the ends of the rainbow in themselves.

When it comes to leather bars, keep your expectations realistic.

Enter with an open mind, see what happens.  If your first trip to your local leather bar isn't a complete blast, try again on some other night.  Don't rule anything out.  Visit their website regularly to see when bigger events, theme nights, and special occasions are happening which bring out larger crowds and, therefore, a wider range of possibilities.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Short Spank: Lengthy Sessions

Most kink sessions (for me, at least) are an hour or 70 minutes, in general.  That's typical.

But what about sessions that are 2 hours long?  Or 3 hours or 4 hours?

How does somebody go about that?  How does a Master or a Mistress orchestrate such a long session?

Long sessions are entirely different than quick or standard ones.

You have to pace yourself, even more so than when you conduct standard-length BDSM scenes.

And you have to dish out your slave's punishments in a certain way by taking them on a journey and having there be a kind of structure--or "story"--to the ordeal that they experience (having some kind of basic plan in your head or, secretly, on note isn't a terrible idea).  You can't torment them too harshly right out of the gate.  You have to save the meaner stuff for later.  If you tap out their endurance at the beginning then it takes away from some of the anxiety that they'll be feeling throughout the session.  Build up to a crescendo and don't rush.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Get Yourself Into Some Mischief

Don't complain.

There are always plenty of fetish events happening throughout the year, especially in the Midwest.  I know that everyone is excited for International Mr. Leather at the very end of May but there are some good things happening even before then.

Head over to Des Moines, Iowa on the weekend before IML and attend Mischief in May (workshops, vendors, play parties, etc.).

Their website featuring all the info and registration is right HERE.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Short Spank: Indestructible Buns

Spanking affects people in different ways.

For some, a few moderate whacks (barely anything) is enough to cause pain and redness.  But for others, it's like you can keep beating-beating-beating them and they just continue to take it and ask for more.  The marks and the redness, for them, happen progressively after a good, long while rather than immediately.

I've met some submissives that seem to have indestructible buns.  They require a lot more abuse but that's fine; I'm always more than happy to dish out punishment.  Any time, actually.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 118): BDSM Blunders

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

It's happened to all us, let's not kid ourselves.

If you've been tying and flogging and shackling people for any substantial period of time, it goes without saying that--at some point, at some moment--you've fucked up a scene.

No Master or Mistress is perfect.

Whether or not you actually see (if you're the submissive) a Master or Mistress unable to find the right sadistic instrument that the scene calls for (meaning that they spend 2 minutes or so in quiet frustration i.e. "I know that those nipple clamps are around here somewhere....."; thank goodness for blindfolds, am I right?), a bondage faux pas of some kind (something's too tight or too loose or has come awkwardly undone when it shouldn't have meaning that you have to pause the scene for a moment--ugh!--to rearrange the confinement of your slave), or a beating took a sharp left turn for some reason, ALL Doms and Dominatrixes mess up from time to time.  And if they don't....then they must not being doing BDSM very often.  Unlike erotic videos and fantasies inside your head, creamy-smooth and robotic transitions from scene to scene happen due to editing via a computer or your own daydreams.  That's not an exact reflection of true, flesh-and-blood kink play.

Is real life BDSM exactly like those videos that you watch online?  No, of course not.  But we all know that already.  It can be even better in many ways!  However.....we--as Masters and Mistresses--aren't given the luxury of real-time video edits while we're conducting our S&M scenarios.  Needless to say.

I remember cracking myself on the forehead with my single-tail whip during a dungeon party (it didn't leave a significant mark, thankfully) and thinking "Good God, I hope that nobody saw that slick move."  And I don't think that anyone did (it was crowded and dark in there).  But I suspect that I most likely convinced myself that that was the case in order to make myself feel better.  Did someone see it?  Probably but, whoever they are, they were kind enough not to chuckle too loudly.

Being a Master (no matter who you are or how much front you're willing to shovel out) isn't always a study in smooth performance.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

You May

A Midwestern BDSM extravaganza!--for all adults of all orientations--is coming up at the beginning of next month in Cleveland, OH.

Kinko De Mayo

Visit their site and register HERE.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Yes, Master (entry 117): Overactive Imaginations

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

One of the things that can trip people up the most when it comes to BDSMing--and this is mainly a problem that newbies create for themselves--is when they have impossibly high expectations for scene concepts.  Or they expect themselves (or their partners in scening) to be able to endure/produce physical/emotional stunt work that is beyond their capabilities.

Always be considerate when engaged in BDSM play (yes, even if you're being the cruel one).  Don't go too far into crazytown.  It's not that great of a place to visit.  Overrated, actually.

If you're the submissive, be aware that if a scene idea seems relatively batshit or an impossible scenario to orchestrate for the Dom......then there's a good chance that it probably is.  There's that line in "Willy Wonka" when one of the men says:  "Veruca, sweetheart, daddy's not a magician!"  It's a line that has popped into my head on a number of occasions when a submissive has asked something of me that they know deep down is asking too much.  If something seems that it could possibly maybe happen, it doesn't hurt to ask.  But if your Master replies with a "Hell no." to your request then there's good reason why he's responding that way.

In BDSM play, we definitely can put ourselves into scenarios that defy our wildest dreams; situations that exceed our expectations, situations that we've never been in before and have no realistic reference for until they actually happen.  Great stuff can happen in BDSM, you can be sure of that, and it happens all the time.  Keep your scenes doable and achievable so that BDSM is a world that you want to continue exploring.  Self-sabotaging your kink potential due to overly outlandish scening expectations doesn't help anybody.

What I'm saying is that if you have a fantasy of being bound in shrink wrap and shot out of a cannon, landing on a yacht in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where you're tortured by hundreds of male and female supermodels dressed as naughty school teachers then, yeah, you may want to skip that request the next time you're scheduled to scene with your Master or Mistress.  Those logistics sound pretty challenging.  Expensive too.

And I understand that that, just as an example, is an interesting fantasy.  I get it.  It's a legit fantasy and everything but if you suspect that it may be asking for a bit much.....then you'd be correct in that assumption.

Stay reasonable.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


If someone uses a name like mine--whether very similar, identical, or close to mine in a roundabout way--and it's not directly part of this blog that you're reading right now, or a part of my website it's not me.

I use my email that I've been using forever ( when I'm in contact with people but, no, I don't use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Instaskypefacechat, or any of that other stuff.

A while back, when my "Yes, Master" column was part of The New Gay website run out of D.C., they set up a Facebook account for "Yes, Master".  Do I wish that they had done that?  No.  I would have preferred if they hadn't but they set up Facebook accounts for all their contributors (so that would include me).  It wasn't a big deal so I didn't raise a fuss over it.  Sometimes it's just better to simply adapt with the program and quietly roll your eyes at times, right?  Right.  But, no, I don't log onto that Facebook page or maintain it.  It's just an old remnant from a collaborative project that ended a long time ago.  Just like there's debris and junk in your garage and basement, there's old junk online too.  Welcome to the 21st Century.

Of course I like full-on conversations and seeing people in realtime in the same room face-to-face but I prefer my electronic social media in extremely small doses......extremely, extremely small, minute, miniscule doses......

No Twitter.  No Facebook.  Not for me.

Will I change my mind on those?  No.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Absolutely Charming

If you're on the mid-East Coast--or thinking about heading over there--the weekend of April 10th will be the Charm City Fetish Fair (vendors, workshops, play parties, etc.) in Baltimore.

Get the details right HERE.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Short Spank: Women and Men

Your BDSM experience in one situation is going to be totally different from your BDSM experience in another situation.  Completely different worlds.

Submissives, or "slaves", are typically pictured or imagined as bound, restrained, captive.  But the truth is the extreme opposite.  Submissives are free to explore a multitude of different scenarios for themselves, many combinations of various S&M experiences.

I've had plenty of slaves who've enjoyed the back-and-forth between going to me and going to other dungeons and being punished by one of the Mistresses (or another Master, in some cases) there.  I think that they enjoy the contrasting tones of those different kinds of experiences, depending on if they're serving a Master or a Mistress.  And, even then, all Masters and Mistresses are quite different from one another.

Sometimes women enjoy being punished by a Man......but then, sometimes, they feel that being punished by another Woman would hit the spot.  Sometimes men enjoy being punished by a Woman.....whereas, other times, they need to be tormented by a Man.

"It's a whole different thing to be Dominated by a guy!"

Of course.  That makes sense.  I usually hear that, from somebody, about once a month or so.  I think that it's cool that they have the option of being a slave of mine for a while and then bouncing over to being the slave of a Mistress the following week or month.  And then back and forth like a leather-hooded tennis ball.  

Such greedy, indulgent gluttons for punishment!  

Good for them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lucky Charms Lurking Around Every Corner

Have a safe and Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Master Aiden

Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Yes, Master" (entry 116): Dungeon Keys

Launched in 2009 as a regular column for Washington D.C.'s The New Gay website, "Yes, Master" is a series of essays, Q&A's, and rants by Chicago pro Dom, Master Aiden.  The new entries of "Yes, Master" continue here on  Feel free to write in, ask questions, etc.:

Kinky leather adventures can lead us into all kinds of shadowy and strange situations, bringing up questions about who we are and what we truly desire.

Yet, at the same time, being in an S&M dungeon, bound in one or more of the 3 Holy L's (leather, lycra, latex) or barely nothing, can make you want to ask....

"Where do I put my keys?  Where do I store my wallet, phone, and ID?"

Those are valid, important questions.

Most dungeons/dungeon parties don't have coat check.  That's just how it is.

Figuring out that kind of stuff, and how you want to go about it, in advance can make your night less stressful.  Carrying around your keys/phone/$ while you're dressed in your tantalizing outfit (whatever that might be) definitely kills the fantasy.  If you're in jeans then you're fine because you can just slide your stuff into a pocket or two (but then there might be bulges that you may not want alongside the ones that you do want).....

What if what you're wearing doesn't have pockets?  Or what if it does have pockets but then everything is clanky, heavy, and looks stupid?

I know that one of the popular options (rolling your essentials up in your coat, tossing it in a corner somewhere, and hoping that no one steals anything) isn't exactly optimal.  Especially since 95% of what everyone is wearing is probably black, things can get mixed up, and dungeons tend to have lower lighting (meaning that small items can accidentally get left behind or roll into weird corners of the room if somebody is being careless).  But then you're playing and getting into the scene while there's this question in the back of your mind going:  "Gosh, I hope that nobody touches my coat while I'm doing this....." which sucks and diminishes the enjoyment factor of your night to some degree.  The best scenes are the ones that allow you to completely immerse yourself, not have nagging concerns about that kind of shit.

When I go to dungeon parties, I have a big ol' duffel bag with me loaded up with whips, shackles, chains, etc.  I don't go to dungeons to hang out and watch people; I go to engage.  I'm there to torment someone--or a couple of people if I'm having a particularly active night--and, therefore, I'm bringing a lot of nice equipment that I can use to make the evening a good time for all (especially me).

I put my keys and wallet into a side pocket of my duffel bag, make a mental note of which pocket that was exactly, place the duffel bag not too far from where we're playing, and I know that it's good.  Sure, I'll glance at it from time to time, of course, but I feel confident that everything is fine and safe where it is.  Needless to say, if anyone were to touch anything, I'd beat their ass (in a safe, sane, consensual way!  right?....right....).

But what if you're not going to this dungeon party to play?  What if you'd prefer to just parade around looking hot and people watch?

Fair enough.

Some people that I know actually have a leather arm or wrist band (stylish, fetishistic, on-point) with a small pocket built into it (brilliant, practical) in which they can place their money, ID, and a small key or two.  The keys typically are copies of their car key and/or house key, meaning that they left their usual day-to-day, 10-lb key wad that they typically carry around at home instead of bringing it all with them to the dungeon.  Or they leave their key wad in the car and only bring in their extra car key.  But if you're concerned about leaving your keys in your car (which is certainly something that not everyone is comfortable doing), then you'd have to bring copies of your car and house keys only during your night in dungeonland.  Which isn't a bad option and it's something to think about.

If your play-partner is the one bringing the big bag/suitcase of whips, then you can obviously put your essentials in some designated compartment within that bag along with theirs.  Problem solved.

Some people put their key/ID/$ somewhere safe in their boot (another good reason to wear boots to fetish night) while others have a leg, ankle, wrist, or arm garter with a very small and stylized pouch attached to it that holds their essentials.

No, I've never seen anyone wearing a fanny pack in a dungeon.  But if you want to be the first, go right ahead!  I won't judge you.

Yes, this kind of thing takes some thinking-in-advance preparation, and it's a dorky subject, but oh well.  If pre-thinking/prepping isn't your cup of tea then BDSM probably isn't for you anyway because so much of it requires different levels of planning, not all of it sexy or fun to think about....such as this.  But it's all worth it since it allows you to enjoy your night more and frees you up from thinking about the small stuff while you're in bondage.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Gears Are Spinning

Yes, indeed, I'm working on the shot list, scene concepts, etc. for my upcoming Spring 2015 Gallery.

If anything, we'll pick up where we left off from the most recent ones that we did, the Holiday 2014 Gallery.
I like how that one pushed good (but unconventional) BDSM imagery without being boring, predictable, or sarcastic.  We'll continue with a darker, harder-edged aesthetic that mixes classic S&M with striking backdrops and locations (I think that that's a good direction to continue with; I want more varied locations for the photos rather than just my dungeon all the time).  I'm never coy about influences (why bother? since we all have them) so this is what I'm thinking of:

some black and white, some color, cityscapes, Metropolis, dark, gritty, edgy, hidden staircases/rooms/doors, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, CBGB-era punk with art deco but contemporary, stone, metal, film noir, industrial, Eastern Bloc, subtle gothic, and so on--I think that you get what I'm aiming for.

No, no top hats or steam punk--no, that's not what I have in mind--just the tone of Jekyll and Hyde, those kinds of vibes, themes.  Harshness, sophistication, restraint, shadows, dualities, movement, different locations, different levels, travel from one world (or state of mind) to another; that's what I mean.

So, yeah, that's where my head is at at this moment for the next set of photos.

The overall theme that I'm going for on this upcoming one is "Stranger In A Strange Land".  It will be very cool.

I know that this Gallery will have male and female submissives in there with me, which will be different, rather than just one submissive or two submissives of the same gender.  I probably won't shoot them together or on the same day (BDSM photo shoots can be kind of intense sometimes, as you can probably imagine) but it will be about Dominating both men and women.  Needless to say, it's all done in a fantasy context so don't get your undies in a twist.

Fetishwear?  Yes.  But no crazy costumes for this upcoming one.  We can do crazy costumes/high-concepts later but I need a break from that for right now.

The Spring 2015 Gallery is coming up in May.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Men In Black

NYC will be having its annual Black Party Expo coming up very soon (March 21st).  Although Black Party Expo isn't a fetish event, per se, Black Parties typically have a leather/kink flavor to them.  I'm guessing this one will continue in that appealing tradition.

Click HERE to visit their website for tickets, times, events, specifics.